The next battle to win: the globalists’ sly effort to neutralise key human rights


Intro by Fabian Ubiquitus

The war is not over.

We’ve won a battle and given a glimpse of what We The People can do if we unite, speak out loudly and act in unison against the tyranny of the globalist stooges who have infiltrated and subverted our governments and simply refuse to accept the pseudo-scientific drivel and oppressive diktats of those enemies.

It is ironic that over the years we all had attention fixated on the dangers of infiltration by subversive groups (communists etc) and yet while we were alert to these, the arch-subversives snuck in under our radar, installed their front men (Trudeau, Macron, Johnson et al) and pretty much took over our governments, turned democracy into a con game and ran the show so as to enrich and empower the psychopaths of the globalist crime syndicate.

Well, we are alert to it now and millions of us have learned valuable lessons from the last two years, among which are key lessons on how the globalist subversives operate.

One such operation is the strategy of conquest by sky increments by which or nations are subjugated via a series of small encroachments on liberty, patiently wrought and compounded over the years , each one perhaps barely noticeable on its own yet accumulating until we wake up one day to find ourselves expendable drones in a nation our fathers once owned. As has just almost happened to us.

We are dealing with it and will continue to so so until those who have set themselves up as the enemy of humanity are removed from the game of this planet’s civilisation. A great many of us will not stop until this war is won and even thereafter will never relax the vigilance, resolution and willingness to fight back that are the price of continued freedom.

Liberty is not a handout.

It, like survival itself, is a team game and it has to be continually created by brave people working together. We have seen what can happen when we grow lazy or irresponsible and cease to create it. Indeed, the growth of tyranny is our own responsibility because it can only flourish when we sacrifice vigilance for obliviousness, creative willingness for the road of least effort, bravery for the illusory comfort of non-confront.

On the other hand, one of the fatal errors the enemies if humanity make time and again is to think they are dealing with stimulus-response animals, a herd that can be goaded, cattle-prodded and culled as they see fit. They do not understand or perceive the actual nature of the beings they are dealing with because humanity is far more than they in their dead and blackened souls can imagine. They are continually dealing with an entity that does not exist in reality and thus they continually underestimate the “herd” that always confounds their best laid plans.

But right now, they can be expected to keep trying.

One of the next offensives these sly utopian tinkerers and know-best would-be enslavers of Man can be expected to try is an effort to undermine basic human rights, an assault under cover of the smoke screen of “trying to improve” them. This is an effort to disable our capacity to fight back when the next direct assault on liberty occurs.

It won’t work. The more alert we are and the more willing  to work together in defence of our liberty, the quicker it will fail. Ultimately it will further disaffect the citizenry from the globalists’  stooges and accelerate the polarisation that will wind up with the relatively tiny number of globalists and their stooges on one side and on the other side pretty much everybody else.  In other words, the government needs to knock off these attacks on liberty for its own sake because each effort is a nail in its own coffin, particularly as the last two years have awoken so many people to how little anything our corrupt and degenerate political establishment says or does can be trusted.

The problem with tyranny is not that it is very  successful or lasts very long on the whole, It tends to come a cropper but its liability is that  it makes a hell of a lot of people miserable while it is failing.

The attempted erosion of human rights being a case in point.

So here is a brief heads-up. We’ll have lots more to say on this issue shortly

Keep your powder dry!


One Response to “The next battle to win: the globalists’ sly effort to neutralise key human rights”

  1. ian says:

    They are definitely going to remove our right to refuse testing and treatment, or at least alter the law to facilitate that removal. A culling hampered by peoples rights, then a bill on human rights is being discussed?? Let’s see. ” Let’s give these lovely people some more rights”?? Nah! And before anyone says that our rights cannot be given or taken away, I’m aware of that argument.