4 Responses to “The Austrian Government are RUNNING SCARED / Maniac Canadian Gov BEAST EXPOSED TO THE WORLD”

  1. David 2 says:

    Looking at the Canadian truckers being arrested, losing their license to operate and possibly their bank accounts. Short of a major shift from within the Canadian public, or a left field event. It seems that the pro freedom movement is losing the battle.

    It comes down to brainwashing and propaganda. The vaccinated honestly feel they have the moral high ground and were vaccinated for the greater good. They will not question the motives of Herr Schwab and his WEF school of scoundrels.

    I fear that the screws will now be tightened further, passports and boosters will be considered normal.

    Control over the laws and finance is uber powerful.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Of course the screws will be turned but did the demo turn a few heads the other way? We must do whatever we can.

    • David 2 says:

      We are fighting a battle that has lasted thousands of years. It has had many horrific twists and turns.

      They have control over the laws, control over finance, now they want control over our souls and bodies.

      Galileo tried to educate people to the fact that there are two world systems and the autocrats silenced him and his work for four hundred years.

      They do not want the truth getting out!