Stu Webb doesn’t reference his source..mmmm

And in other news, today Mike Adams at NaturalNews published a story on Bill Clinton being a CIA agent since college.

Nothing really new there, except that we find him claiming that “whistleblower Stew[art] Webb” believes Clinton never actually received his Rhodes Scholarship, it being only his cover.

Gee, I wonder where Webb got that? Oh yeah, he got it from my paper on Clinton from 2016.

Can we imagine these guys don’t know that?

Of course not, but they aren’t allowed to reference me, because they don’t want to send people to my site, where they might learn a bit too much. So they mirror me with these people like Webb, who they can reference.

The name Stewart Webb tells us everything we need to know, doesn’t it? Remember, the Queen is a Webb, and the Stewarts are Stuarts, kings of England. So his name couldn’t be any more obvious if he were named Stanley Cohen or Spencer Kennedy. Mike Adams also has a Presidential name, you know. So Clinton isn’t the only agent here. These guys love to out each other as part of the mind stir. Yes, NaturalNews is on the right side of the aisle for the time being, but we have seen that that tends to ebb and flow.




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