Something on the wind

In other news, I noticed something on the wind. Nicholae Ceausescu was mentioned twice today in my perusal of alt news. He came up first in Matt Taibbi’s article republished by Zerohedge, then Tucker Carlson mentioned him in passing on his show. In case you forgot, he is the Romanian dictator allegedly murdered in an uprising in 1989. The people revolted and the military took their side, arresting Ceausescu and immediately putting him and his wife in front of a firing squad. That was faked, but that isn’t my point.

My point is it is strange to see him come up in both places today.

Tucker and Matt are currently mostly on the right side right now, but they are both still agents, so picking up on these little things can be useful to us. I would say they are hinting that some event like the Ceausescu event may be coming up, where some political head(s) is pretend-lopped as a nod to the revolution. To protect Gates or Fauci or Schwab, they may fake a military lynching of a Trudeau or an Ardern. After all, that is why these political people are there: to draw fire. They are the last line of defense for the Phoenician Navy. It is hoped that after you have toppled your Presidents or Chancellors, you will be satisfied, forgetting about the billionaires that installed them. The thing is, the military coup in Romania was also faked, so no one ever even thought of going after the Phoenician Navy. But if the US military really defects, anything is possible.

Which is why the vaccine mandate in the military was such a bad idea. Pfizer saw the military as their biggest captured client, but now that tens of thousands of troops are getting sick, the anger is widespread and growing fast. It is just one more big reason for the troops to defect under pressure. The possibility is very real. I said a few years ago I didn’t think an actual revolution was likely. I said Americans didn’t have the gumption to take over a rural post office.

But things have changed. After the Covid/vaccine genocide, anything and everything is back on the table. We are in uncharted territory now. There are zero previous analogies, so there is nothing to feed into the computers. All the scenarios imagined and practiced by the Phoenicians are out the window. They have badly miscalculated, and the only question left is how badly.

People like this fellow are opening up –

A true hero CANADIAN ARMY MAJOR STEPHEN CHLEDOWSKI breaks rank and speaks the truth


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  1. danceaway says:

    Listen to this in light of Miles’ suggestions. Why is Tucker being allowed to speak thus? (It is entertaining and even humorous). We know who owns Fox. Could it be that the globalists are going to piggyback on the truckers’ efforts in order to bring down world governments so they can step in? A couple of fake assassinations might even lead them to their desired martial law?And coverup for the wax deaths and damages?