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8 Responses to “So a sudden and unexpected rise in HIV positive diagnoses at the same time as the vaccine roll out?”

  1. ian says:

    Yeah, Judy Mikovits claimed AIDS was caused by the earlier vaccines, but hey, it didn’t knock them off stride. Covid vax has got the potential to do much, including give you AIDS. Doesn’t cure anything though, just destroys your body in several ways.

  2. stevie k says:

    And how is AIDS diagnosed?? another BS test that doesn’t prove anything especially the existence of the virus. AIDS is another coverall name for a varying set of symptons just like Convid 1984.

    • Mr Dude says:

      Yes I believe Ebola is similar.

    • ian says:

      Is AIDS not just a collapse of the immune system stevie?

      • pete fairhurst says:

        Yes Ian it is, stevie is correct, Aids is BS. The Aids scam was the early model for covid. It even used the PCR test in exactly the same way

        Unhealthy lifestyle and drug abuse are big factors. The “treatment” killed more than it saved, a lot more

      • stevie k says:

        I’ve not read it yet but there’s supposedly a very good section in RFK’s book “The Real Anthony Fauci” although he does seem to buy into “Germ Theory” which I don’t but he is a staunch opponent of vaccines so I’ll look forward to reading the book. Fauci was up to his neck in the “Aids” hoax as well pushing the AZT drug which killed thousands…. that bastard’s got a lot of blood on his hands.
        A website recommended by Tom Cowans called viroliegy.com appears to have some good research on it if anyone wants a good read and I always find some good articles on Ramola D’s site “The Everyday Concerned Citizen”.

      • stevie k says:

        Sorry I should have put “A very good section on the Aids hoax in RFK’s new book”….

  3. nixon scraypes says:

    Aids is getting a lot of advertising at the moment. I saw a bus today covered with it, saying it’s nothing to worry about any more! It’s getting very sinister in TV land GB.