1. sovereigntea says:

    The Tyrants Will Fall


  2. Gordon says:

    Naomi Seibt@SeibtNaomi·12 Feb
    The state can wreck small businesses with Covid restrictions, but Big Tech corporations can censor and ban people ruthlessly, because they are “private companies”?

  3. stevie k says:

    Great video Ian apart from the attempted linking of the BIS to Adolph Hitler and “Ze Evil Nazi’s” again.
    The BIS was originally set up to oversee German reparations according to the Treaty of Versaille. The National socialists put a stop to these payments when they came to power in 1933 (The same year the ZIonist’s declared war on Germany!!). Although Hjalmar Schacht had been the head of the Reichbank, Hitler sacked him when he tried to torpedo the incredible gains in living stadards of the German people achieved under National Socialism.
    Apart from that I thought it was great,

    • ian says:

      Yes, John Kaminsky calls that, “the Hitler test”. Most fail it.

      • stevie k says:

        He does indeed Ian and sadly most do.
        I enjoy reading Johns articles.
        Have you ever seen the film “The Greastest Story Never Told” ian?

    • sovereigntea says:

      Treaty of Versailles of 28 June 1919

      The BIS was established in 1930 by an intergovernmental agreement between Germany, Belgium, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, the United States, and Switzerland. It opened its doors in Basel, Switzerland, on 17 May 1930.


      • sovereigntea says:

        The 11 year gap should arouse suspicion.
        The real reason for the BIS was to establish the hegemony of central banks & their debt based global slavery schemes.

        Sovereignty and Secrecy

        It is not surprising that the BIS, its offices, employees, directors and members share an incredible immunity from virtually all regulation, scrutiny and accountability.

        In 1931, central bankers and their constituents were fed up with government meddling in world financial affairs. Politicians were viewed mostly with contempt, unless it was one of their own who was the politician.

        Thus, the BIS offered them a once-and-for-all opportunity to set up the “apex” the way they really wanted it – private. They demanded these conditions and got what they demanded.

        A quick summary of their immunity, explained further below, includes

        diplomatic immunity for persons and what they carry with them (i.e., diplomatic pouches)

        no taxation on any transactions, including salaries paid to employees

        embassy-type immunity for all buildings and/or offices operated by the BIS

        no oversight or knowledge of operations by any government authority

        freedom from immigration restrictions

        freedom to encrypt any and all communications of any sort

        m from any legal jurisdiction 9

        Further, members of the BIS board of directors (for instance, Alan Greenspan) are individually granted special benefits:

        “immunity from arrest or imprisonment and immunity from seizure of their personal baggage, save in flagrant cases of criminal offence”

        “inviolability of all papers and documents”

        “immunity from jurisdiction, even after their mission has been accomplished, for acts carried out in the discharge of their duties, including words spoken and writings”

        “exemption for themselves, their spouses and children from any immigration restrictions, from any formalities concerning the registration of aliens and from any obligations relating to national service in Switzerland ”

        “the right to use codes in official communications or to receive or send documents or correspondence by means of couriers or diplomatic bags” 10

        Lastly, all remaining officials and employees of the BIS have the following immunities:

        “immunity from jurisdiction for acts accomplished in the discharge of their duties, including words spoken and writings, even after such persons have ceased to be Officials of the Bank”

        “exemption from all Federal, cantonal and communal taxes on salaries, fees and allowances paid to them by the Bank…”

        exempt from Swiss national obligations, freedom for spouses and family members from immigration restrictions, transfer assets and properties – including internationally – with the same degree of benefit as Officials of other international organizations.11


  4. stevie k says:

    One of the best books I’ve read in recent years is “The History of Central Banking and the Enslavement Of Mankind” by Stephen Mitford Goodson an ex director of the SA Reseve Bank.
    A great source of info for anyone interested in this most important subject.