Satanists attack ordinary people on camera. The demons are cock- a – whoop with their successful genocide.

Australia: A pro vax B*tch, (that’s the only thing to call her) rammed an anti-vaxxer’s car at a stoplight, claiming the anti vaxxer did it.

She was immediately confronted, and she made it perfectly clear she would not be punished, and doubled down with a full throttle sideswipe attempted rip on the same car. Her tire caught on the other car’s tire, which threw her SUV up so high (due to full throttle) that it almost flipped. 

While up on two wheels she veered into the front of the car and landed her SUV on top of it. The SUV could then not be moved due to the way differentials work (the freest moving tire gets the power.) She still insisted she would not be in any trouble.

She was ticketed rather than arrested, so it seems to be the case. That’s exactly how arrogant the tyrants are now, they expect to get away with behaving like that and are. Yes, the woman who did it would knowingly inject people with a death shot. That’s obvious, the level of arrogance makes it clear. Australia is going to have to realize it cannot vote that out of power, other actions must be taken.

I REPEAT: Look at the absolutely VILE attitude and expression of the woman who did this. THAT is what we are up against in all the western governments, it is downright demonic and there’s no damn way any nation is going to vote THAT out of power, OTHER ACTIONS MUST BE TAKEN. They absolutely HATE their people’s guts, which is precisely why they did the death shot, censored everyone who reported the catastrophe, and continue to push the death shot even when so many people know exactly what the shots are doing. This follows through to the media and corporate staffs who mandate the shots even where not required, they literally want their work forces dead and don’t care if that destroys their companies because the “great reset” will end their companies anyway. They believe they are invincibile killers, and with the way the elections are rigged, they probably are. One look at that face proves that joe blow had damn well better take this threat seriously.


An probable government goon ripped a flag out of a 13 year old protester’s hands. That made her dad mad. So her dad followed yelling, and even got attacked multiple times by the goon, without ever hitting back. The goon then slipped on an icy curb and completely compound fractured his ankle. All of it got caught on camera. Karma is real. Treat yourself to this beautiful piece of instant karma eye candy.



The cheapest seat at the super bowl is $3,500. The average seat is $10,000. WHO WOULD PAY THAT TO GO SEE A BUNCH OF KNEELERS? Certainly not patriotic dead center mainstream America!!! So let’s punt the b*tch. Plug the traffic up so bad NO ONE can attend. It does not have to be truckers only, the every day joe who has been screwed royally by the scamming COVID left can force them to hear a solid NO and be a part of history for only the cost of a tank of gas. Get in your car, your pickup, whatever you have and jam the sh***T out of it.

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