Satanist Insider Exposes His Heroes


“The Dark Lord, Peter Mandelson, left, apart from being openly gay, is one of the highest initiates in the United Kingdom. He was trained in the hebdomadry system of Magick, the same system used by both the Alpha Lodge and the Order of Nine Angles. His close association with international business figures and the Bilderberg group have been of great, indeed inestimable use to the left-hand path.
“Following well thought out and well-honed traditions, his dream is a prison-grid global community. He loves to control. And ‘Mandy’ as he’s known to those who know him best, is as sharp and dangerous as a stiletto.
“It is Mandelson who has helped turn Europeans into serfs for Europe’s banks. Europe is now reverting to a neo-feudalism structure with bankers as the overlords of their indentured citizenry. Britain, America and the rest of the world will go the same way. Kleptocratic politicians are merely vassals.”
Insider, Aloysius Fozdyke revealed world satanic control in 2004.
by Aloysius Fozdyke

Satan is the only God who cares! He’s always wanted what’s best for humanity, but nonetheless gives sheeple what they really want. Satan has never demanded worship -not even of the two thousands years’ dead, Jewish, homosexual bastard! Satan demands study, application, but most of all – Action!

You know what’s coming. I’ve told you before. And because no one did anything, it stands to reason that what’s coming is what you want. Economics, it’s more important than politics. In America, the food shortages will be like nothing ever seen before.
How do you reckon superannuation/pension funds are going, given the economic destruction of the lockdowns? When interest rates rise, any ideas on the consequences to economies sustained on inflation? Same everywhere that matters.

Cancer rates – especially in those who have had cancer – will rise. Cancer rates already are, but this is just the beginning. Muzzles ensure high blood carbon dioxide which cancer cells need to produce alcohol and therefore multiple. Little children forced to breath in their own body waste. It’s great! They were only going to grow up to be like their parents anyway.

There will be no effective uprising and nothing and no one can stop us.
You’ve paid for the brutal criminality, needless suffering, myriad repressions and death being unleashed, so give yourselves credit. The vaccinated are the walking dead. Rest easy, as I do, in the knowledge that more is coming.
The NWO is Chinese, so unless you’re Chinese, you and yours missed out. You know that the Chinese don’t use modifying rna vaccines, but old-fashioned protein-based ones, don’t you?


I know my work will continue after my death, but before I go to walk with Satan, in His world and with His Bride, Baphomet; these individuals deserve more than I can give them.

First and foremost, my Teacher and Magus, the late and devoted Petor Narsagonan who was known by many names. About forty years ago he obtained The Epistle of Matthias in the Philippines. That was when the Order of Nine Angles started going public.

Yevgeny Mastemer: Luciferian, Magician, banker and late Systems’ Man par excellence. Known by many names, his fingers seemingly in every pie. One of the great unknown, international men of history. Charmingly urbane, stylishly sophisticated, highly educated, and like Petor, a cravat/ascot wearer. Deeply missed.

SPYward1.jpgDr. Stephen Thomas Ward (left): Living God and Master Magician. No one will ever know the full truth, but the coming Chinese Empire owes much to him. He influenced the Satanic Alpha Lodge. Petor and I carried on his Work, now coming to fruition – with (amongst many others) John Winston Howard, 33 degree and the late Barry S. J. O’Keefe AM, QC; deeply Catholic, but we’ll exploit anyone and anything.  (See Stephen Ward was a KGB Agent.)

Peter James Carrol: Master Magician and Physicist.

Lieutenant Colonel Michael Aquino: Exponent of psychological warfare and eloquent, living room Magician; disciple of H.S. Levey.

Matthew Lawrence: Despite recent obstacles, his work will continue.

The monarchists of Australia, New Zealand and Canada together with their republican counterparts, UGLE Freemasonry, plus the Returned Services League of Australia. They will never know and just as well.

H.W. and G.T. Armstrong for showing the way and the Hillsong Church.
Baron Charlie Falconer of Thoroton. He showed us how to prove the vice-regal appointment documents for Australia, New Zealand and Canada were forged by Jack William Straw and we gave his information to the Chinese government.



As I’ve stated, a huge economic crash is very, very close. After that, a theocratic, stratified, feudal world brutally enforced by technology. The Usher of Desecration walks amongst us and Vindex is coming. I’ve long recommended silver as silver is Satan’s metal.


Finally, I want to thank you, the compliant filth for doing the right thing.
Remember, ‘the lord is my shepherd…’ and like all good shepherds, eventually he leads you to your slaughter – because that’s what shepherds do.
Your deities are asleep, whilst ours are manifesting and still, you don’t see. Satan loves you! And so do we.


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2 Responses to “Satanist Insider Exposes His Heroes”

  1. Tapestry says:

    They give you the creeps.

    • David 2 says:

      They play with your mind!

      Read good thoughts and do not descend to their level.