4 Responses to “Satanic Bulgarian police use pepper spray against the crowd… THEY FORGOT ABOUT THE WIND!!”

  1. gpfla says:

    Ha, ha
    They say the cops IQ averages about 104 at least in the USA. It may be true world wide.

    Low IQ Cops:

  2. Gordon says:

    LOL. What goes around, comes around. Hilarious.

  3. Snigger says:

    Anyone got enough IQ to realise the Cops are trying to let the protesters past? I was in Bulgaria during the flu/ covid con start (December 2019), the small business’s are closed with no financial support from the gov, they are going bust and sinking back into poverty. With all due respect Bulgari is skint and slowly recovering from communism they are being dragged back down into. The Cops have families too… Always look at the big picture.

    • Alan Vaughn says:

      Funny you should say that Snigger – was thinking much the same… seems I might’ve been on the right track.
      Yes, it appeared to me to be a case of ‘Look over there (while I do this without you noticing what I’m doing over here)’.

      Sure, cops are not the sharpest tools in the woodshed, but no-one’s that thick, which is why I suspected there had to be something else going on and this was just the smoke screen (or tear gas screen) they deployed to hide it behind.