Reply to school on Physical Health and Sex Education

The school sent out a request for feedback on their PHSE programme.  They start teaching about sex to children younger and younger, and some of them are negatively affected by it.  This is my reply.
I read through all the words of the PHSE without finding very much to say what it actually is.  As such it’s hard to give much of a reply.
The only reference to God is a brief mention of ‘within a Christian context’ as in – To provide an environment within a Christian context, which values and promotes respect, responsibility and resilience in order that they become good citizens within society.
If you are following Christian ideals, as you claim to be doing, you might need a little more depth than three words.  If you skip the Ten Commandments and replace them with three Rs I don’t feel you are assisting children to know the world they are living in.  In fact you have deprived them of the vital components of knowledge.
What is someone to make of the ‘Christian context’ if they are a Moslem or from another religion such as Judaeism.  These two with Christianity are all Abrahamic and have key declarations which are being lost in your programme.  The essence of religion is to deal with evil as in Deliver Us From Evil in The Lord’s Prayer.  Lots of nice sounding phrases do nothing to address the subject of evil.  In fact PHSE could easily become a vehicle for evil by effectively denying or skimming over its existence.
You make good citizens and happy children by protecting them from evil and enabling them to draw on the power of God to drive away evil spirits, and influences.  If the spiritual power of God is excluded, except in a quick prayer which doesn’t mention delivery from evil, or the commandments which underpin our system of law, and instead, the whole of life is seen as mechanical and logical,  and values can be defined by a chat with staff, then the programme is not only useless.  It is dangerous, in that Satanic influences can operate unchecked within it.
You are excluding religion in effect and misstating its significance and importance, giving a totally confusing presentation as to what life is about, our own culture and if God is to be excluded from the discussions, this can only head one way – to disaster affecting health, mental health, societal and personal stability.
As you can see I am most unhappy that the school is being taken over by an atheistic programme, which is not what our children should be getting from a traditionally Christian school.
I am sure you will pass on my comments to the necessary people.
Yours sincerely,