1. Tapestry says:

    I was nearly assaulted by a mask enforcer in a small delicatessen. He tried to prevent me approaching the counter saying I didn’t look exempt to him, and where was my mask. The store owner supported my choice and he then waited outside the building looking menacingly in through the window, and he called the Police. The store owner told me to run as I looked fitter than my assailant which I did. I went back two weeks later and was told the police just laughed when they came round. That was at least a year ago at the peak of mask mania. I’m glad things are calming down a little. Mind you all these poor people are vaccinated now – 80% of the adult population are – and we have no idea how long these crazies might live. I notice they go on and on about it endlessly still and seem totally confused by it all. I just say ‘Life has to go on my friend’, hoping that it will.

  2. ian says:

    I have been challenged quite aggressively over the last six months a couple of times, by people who were in poor health, and probably terrified they might catch it. I can’t help thinking about their misplaced trust in the efficacy of the filtering properties of cloth. Many people are still terrified by it. I was at ASDA yesterday in Carlisle, and there were loads of people with masks on giving wide berths to everyone, especially the unmasked.