On the ground reports of military action in Ukraine, and comments about the propaganda war


Donbass sitrep Z+5.  Russell believes there’s already a deal struck between Putin and NATO to allow a Russian advance to a line between the Cernobyl exclusion zone and Northern Moldova.  NATO will then move up to the line giving a face saving option for NATO and the West.  Russia is already controlling all the airspace over the whole of Ukraine.  A major military presence by NATO will not be permitted.  Russia is only using about one tenth of their military forces in the Ukraine operation, and they are working to avoid casualties amongst civilians and collateral damage.  The Ukrainian Nazis are using civilians as human shields refusing to let them leave the cities, even killing those that try to leave.

Don’t call it an invasion, say Russell and Alina.  It’s a liberation.

Russian missiles are destroying the ‘secret’ labs which are developing biological weapons.  Seven are confirmed as destroyed.  Five are possibly 95% destroyed.  They are using hyperbaric missiles.

The USA is hoping to make this war into a long drawn out bloody mess.  Zelensky is a puppet of the USA with no escape route or control over the army.  The US mercenaries are controlling the army, and the NAZI battalions.  These are the ones calling the shots getting their orders from Washington and Langley.  Zelensky will be captured or taken out.  Russell says war crimes have no statute of limitations, and Russian justice has a very long memory and a very long arm…will be punished most harshly.  Will Russia go after people like the Clintons, Bidens, Obama, Victoria Newland and so on?  Yes, they reply.  Many countries abstained at the UN in condemning the Russian liberation of Ukraine.

Alina’s channel is getting 100s of thousands of German-speaking listeners as she broadcasts what is really happening in Ukraine.  She does daily video reports on Telegram – News From Russia (in German).  And a website with the same name.  Her reports have gone viral in German speaking areas.  Regis says please do some reports in English as well as German.

Latest news from Donetsk and Donbass Front. Interview of Russell Bentley from USA and Alina Lipp from Germany, both in Donetsk Today. Filmmaker Regis Tremblay is an American ex-pat living in Crimea, who is a major info source for real news from Russia/Donbass SUBSCRIBE TO HIS CHANNEL! https://www.youtube.com/user/tremregi…

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