Man Escapes Hospital “COVID” Murder Attempt


This guy rolled his car. He woke up. He was trying to get out. EMT knocked him out with drugs. They loaded him onto a chopper. 8 hours later he woke up on a vent and and managed to remove the catheter, the IV, and the intubation. He was FINE, there was no reason for it. Hospital told him he had COVID. He was not a sleeper, he knew what they did and GOT THE HELL OUT OF THERE with them attempting to refuse him to leave.

He is trying to get people to contact him for interviews. His e-mail is

His channel is three hours old and has 10 followers so I put the video here to prevent it from vanishing and get him mass exposure a lot quicker.


Astrazeneca. EVERYONE told him not to get it, he got it, and showed up for Christmas where he was promptly booted out of my house, thankfully by someone else. He then got an entire family sick with his shedding, plus one of his kids he lived with. Everyone told him he was making everyone sick and he refused to believe it. So he went and got boosted a week ago and he’s now clotting up and bedridden, completely disabled. His hands and feet are huge because the blood cannot properly return to his heart. Before the shots he had such high endurance he wore Claudia out and even made me feel like I “had a day”, walking full speed, going over high concrete highway barriers and jumping off them to j-walk, the whole 9 yards ALL DAY and now he’s bedridden and clearly approaching death. What a difference two months makes once you get the death shot. I am not talking “a couple years ago” or “I remember”, he was completely fit three months ago and the shots ENDED THAT. He’s a GONER.


So there’s your “INTERNET RUMOR” because you “read it on the internet” only it sure as hell is not, we will all be attending a funeral soon.


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  1. Gordon says:

    Straight from the horses mouth.