Historian Ralph Ellis – ‘I don’t believe in the spiritual’

Ralph spent his life working out who the characters in the bible truly were by finding them in the historical record.  His work is absolutely fascinating.  He just follows the evidence and ignores the doctrine which is usually heavily tampered with, using false names, wrong locations and doctored dates.

Yet despite studying the history of the real Jesus, he says he has no belief in the spiritual dimension of life. (around one hour and 7 minutes)

Clearly savvy about politics and military realities, and the role of secret organisations such as the Templars, and of religious sects like the Essenes, he still finds he can explain it all without reference to any spiritual dimension.  His own determination not to be swayed by anything other than the truth is a spiritual statement.  He sets no store by monetary gain, or a need to be better or higher than anyone else.  He just refuses to be deceived, or to hide his conclusions which are clearly inconvenient to organisations such as The Catholic Church.

Yet surely in all his years he has seen or heard something which would suggest there is a spiritual part to life.  He says you can still look to Jesus as a spiritual leader if you want.  Just be realistic that he was a very wealthy Royal military commander, who fought a war with Rome trying to make himself Emperor after Nero, not a pauper as the bible would suggest.

Yet Jesus was also the High Priest of Jerusalem, the leader of the Essenes, who were the writers of The Dead Sea Scrolls.  Jesus clearly believed in a spiritual dimension.  Ellis’ work is brilliant.  It would be great if after defending his work for years against critics and publishing his new book featuring his defences, he could open up on Jesus’ spiritual values – in the real historical context, handing nothing to his critics, and completing his quite extraordinary life’s work.


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  1. Tapestry says:

    Ralph’s interview on King Arthur is worth a listen. If the story is a massive cover-up of the King Jesus historical reality, then is all that’s being covered up is fakery of history by the Roman Catholics? The Round Table is a reference to Astrology. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ur5U8tL0VxY

    • pete fairhurst says:

      “is all that’s being covered up is fakery of history by the Roman Catholics?”

      This is very possible, I’ve read more than one source that says that the official historical timeline that we’ve been given is inaccurate, that it includes more years than was the reality [the Dark Ages] Also that “Christianity” as we know it is basically a Roman creation, there isn’t much dispute about that, although most christians would be to differ I suppose. Catholic means Universal doesn’t it? It seems that various cults were swept up into the new universal Roman church that was created some time after the first real Christians lived

      St Peters basilica is built on an ancient pagan site isn’t it? It is an awful place, with a dark, looming, forbidding and evil presence. It is dripping with gold too. I’ve been there twice and each time I had to exit immediately after arrival, I hated the feeling of the place, simply couldn’t bear to stay a moment longer

      The word church is in fact a big clue in itself. All churches are corporations at root. And corporations are not natural things, they are human mental constructs to describe human creations that serve humans. They do not exist in nature, they are all in fact anti-nature in reality, every single one of them. They do not serve god

      • Tapestry says:

        Very interesting about St Peters and not surprising. There were no original Christians by the way. They were Essenes, an advanced form of Judaeism, gnostics, astrologers (Zodiacs) and users of telepathic drugs – against Satanic ritual, pro-development and freeing of humanity. The Romans needed to crush all memory of these types and created Christianity to bury them inside of. Some escaped to the South of France where they founded the Orange Order. Maybe Ralph Ellis will address the spiritual issues of his histories as his next work.

      • pete fairhurst says:

        Thanks Tap, I clearly need to dig deeper into Ralph’s work which I will do. Starting with these 2 links

        The Essenes sound very much like the Shemites that we discused last week!

  2. Tapestry says:

    The original Christian was Saul/Paul who was in fact Josephus Flavius. I also use things brought to the party by the enigma channel. Ralph’s work sticks very much to historical analysis – political, military and not to spiritual. Chris of The Enigma Channel is very much coming from the opposite pole. As I say Ralph, despite working non-stop for thirty and more years, could do more to help us into the spiritual domain but as yet he’s not been tempted. Perhaps as he ages he’ll find himself getting more inclined to move that way. It would be good if he did!