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Get yourself briefed, uplifted and armed with understanding: watch this interview


Intro by Steve Cook

This is an illuminating and uplifting briefing, full of insights into what the enemies of Humanity are playing at with the current Mass Poisoning Event they have engineered and, most importantly, their weaknesses and failures and how we can defeat them.

It’s not all bad news, not by a long shot and what lies ahead for us is a new Age of Reason, a civilisation closer to OUR hearts’ desires if we unite and persist in our fightback. We can take this planet.

Please take 20 minutes to watch this interview all through and arm yourself with understanding.

Then share this video as widely as you can and arm others with understanding also.

One of the important points covered, early in the interview, is the legal principle and its historical context that enables criminals to hide behind corporate “responsibility” and are thus able to avoid personal responsibility for their crimes.

This principle, through which men of ill will have secured a legal mechanism by which they can avoid responsibility for their crimes, is a toxic cultural aberration that has brought about the near death of our civilisation. One can observe this at play: politicians and corporate mandarins act like people who know they will never be held to account for the lies they tell and the people they maim or kill. And so they do what they do confident thee will be no comeuppance for their appalling behaviour.

We can change that one thing and establish an inviolable principle by which ALL people are individually responsible for their actions NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE and by which ALL people know that they WILL have to answer for their crimes. Then those with agendas inimical to Man will be unable to hide behind corporate or governmental cover. In such a climate many of the shenanigans we are now witnessing will cease. Or else!

By establishing this one principle we would change and elevate to a new high level our government and our civilisation. We would in effect bring about not so much a evolution but a swift and mighty evolution in the management of human affairs.

This would be a game from which everyone wins, even the criminals in so far as they will be unable to dramatise their darkest most psychotic impulses and we will all have a saner, more stable, more benign and more just world in which to live.



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Get yourself briefed, uplifted and armed with understanding: watch this interview