F35 vaxx crash

A genuine truly leaked new video of the F35 crash on the Carl Vinson proves without question it was a vax crash.

Update: The landing gear was in fact down.

Too low, too fast.

Pilot obviously passed out on approach.

It is clear and obvious the good people in the military did not want video getting out of what happened, it point blank proves this is a vax crash. It is OBVIOUS the landing gear was not down and the plane crashed dead stick. Watch the death shot disaster, that’s all this video is There will be more. This is not the end.

It is a cell phone video of a screen playing back the video footage the aircraft carrier tower got. Two different angles. Rumor has it the girl flying the plane had a heart related incident related to being vaxxed. As a result of having a heart attack while landing, she did not put the landing gear down and came in too fast and too low. Obviously the crash would have loosened a brain or heart clot . . . . Coverup crews later said she failed the simulator and crashed the same way on it but that is bunk because if so, she would not have been flying. FACT: If you fail to put the landing gear down, PLUS come in too low, PLUS come in too fast, that’s a medical issue, not a “problem observed during simulator training”. She was simply disabled at the controls.


Someone no doubt wants to keep this secret which is why a medical issue is not stated as the cause of the crash, – someone at the Pentagon does not want our enemies knowing just how big a screw up forced vaxxing the whole military was, while others at the Pentagon who aid and abet our enemies push the vax even more.


This is the most censored video on the planet. It got VAPORIZED everywhere. Want to see what the resistance looks like? This is it.

Update: Infowars has this and is somehow avoiding getting it deleted.


Obviously this is not a real court case, it is just a really good synopsis of what is going on.


I have to watch my words and avoid saying the obvious with regard to what this video says to avoid having the site shut down. The lawyer is better at this than I am so watch. 20 minutes that seems like 1 minute, there is zero fluff. 100 percent of every aspect of the world takeover and supporting scams laid out cold in 20 efficient minutes.

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2 Responses to “F35 vaxx crash”

  1. Mr Dude says:

    Don’t be silly.

    It was climate change!

  2. nixon scraypes says:

    Either that or Russians hacking the plane’s computer.