EU/NATO/UKRAINE bomb TV station in Donietsk to stop the truth of Russian Liberation from escaping.

TV station bombed this week in Donetsk at 1 am 23rd Feb.  Luckily no one was seriously hurt.

The main media does not want their narrative that Putin and his Russian government are monsters, undermined, and they are prepared to kill to keep the lies rolling and to stop the truth from getting out.  The peoples of Lugansk and Donietsk have been enduring a reign of terror from Ukrainian Nazis for eight years and view Putin as a liberator.  People in the west don’t know the facts as they only watch main media.

1:00 AM Feb 23, 2022, Ukrainiian terrorists targeted 20 journalists working at Donetsk TV enter in Donetsk. A large explosive device was detonated on the grounds of the TV center. The explosion was heard throughout downtown Donetsk, and broke windows throughout the TV center compound. No one was seriously injured, but freedom of speech was directly attacked and stifled. Real war correspondents like Russell “Texas” Bentley and German/Russian correspondent Alina Lipp are on the job. Stay tuned, SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE! It is easy to see who is good and who is evil.