Covid Jabbing Scheme a Disaster in UK

The Government and the mainstream media keep lying but the truth is that the covid jab rollout has been a failure.

Despite the biggest and most expensive propaganda effort in world history, the attempt to force the covid jab onto the public has failed miserably.

In the UK, for example, there are still well over 20 million people who have yet to receive a single jab (that’s just under a third of the population).

Attempts to suggest that the unvaxxed are a tiny minority will fail once the truth is widely known.

And vax passports cannot possibly succeed with a third of the country unvaxxed.

If the Government claims that the double jabbed aren’t `fully vaxxed’ (and must, therefore, be counted as un-vaxxed) then the un-vaxxed will become a majority!

Copyright Vernon Coleman February 2022

`Balancing the Books’ by Vernon Coleman is a savage, black comedy about a woman whose husband was an author. The author kills himself after his books are destroyed by a series of malicious one star reviews. The freshly bereaved widow then becomes a ruthless serial killer – finding clever new ways to kill each of the reviewers who destroyed her husband’s life.


16 Responses to “Covid Jabbing Scheme a Disaster in UK”

  1. ian says:

    I wonder if Vernon’s 20 million un-jabbed are regional. I can’t get many to admit to it, yet, then again, I don’t admit unless I know my questioner.It would be interesting to see the distribution.

    • pete fairhurst says:

      It wouldn’t surprise me if he’s correct. The woke toilet paper known as the Guardian claims 72% double jabbed, so 28% not double jabbed. They are probably exaggerating though, they probably lie like the rest of them do. How can we know the true percentage? How can we be certain? We can’t

      I expect that that lots of folk lie about their vaxx status too, not wanting to be demonised as anti-vaxxers. So there is really no way to be certain about anyone is there

      Who cares about the vaxx passports anymore anyhow? He’s right about them being dead in the water I think. We don’t really hear about them in the media now do we. They’re over done with I think, they’ve failed to make them stick. Excellent!

  2. danceaway says:

    But does not the figure 20 million include children? Is it not 5 million adults? I think there are very very few around me who are unjabbed at all. I don’t discuss it because I know I could be targeted.

    • ian says:

      Good point D’, I feel isolated and excluded. I suppose the 5M could include children and those who only have two jabs. Who TF knows.

  3. stevie k says:

    Sadly I think we’ll find out over the next few years who the un-jabbed are…. they’re going to be the one’s left healthy.

  4. Mr Dude says:

    Someone I know is gravely ill from the jab. Only 26 years old. Leg to be amputated, pacemaker fitted and in a coma right now. All happened suddenly this week.

    This is it folks this is where it all starts to happen.

    Other friends refuse to see the canary in the coal mine. Oh no it can’t be the jab they say…

    They’ve all got Stockholm Syndrome but they’ll be beyond doubt soon enough. Buckle up.

  5. danceaway says:

    Is it not amazing, Mr Dude, that the family and friends of this young man never think,”what could have caused this?”

    Herein lies the extreme evil of the medics whose constant refrain is,” Oh no, it couldn’t be the vaccine”. This is why they are murderers,even if they themselves are not administering the weapon.

    • ian says:

      Indeed they are D’. Contrary to all their best intention pleading, this proves beyond any doubt, that they’re in it for the money. They should reflect on the fact that they’re killing their customers.

      • danceaway says:

        Yes, Ian. but in addition to their huge houses and cars, it is their huge egos, and pride, self-importance ad utter self belief. They feel incapable of being wrong; utterly lacking in humility. and all this aside from their impaired cognitive ability from years of brainwashing and obedience training. They are a true blight on society and humanity; trained killers.

      • ian says:

        Very well summed up D’.

  6. Mr Dude says:

    Of the four doctors I have known socially, three of them were arrogant smug sanctimonious pricks.

  7. Tapestry says:

    What occurs to me is that when they were injecting the plebs they kept quiet, but the second the needle was pointed in their direction, they all started complaining. Now that threat’s been removed, presumably they’ll get back to mass murder of the plebs. Many friends are ill – some saying they are very ill indeed. It’s going to be a very tough year, I fear. Heads down. But keep talking. Some medics genuinely believe the ‘vaxx’ is their best choice and have had all available jabs. They say 125,000 don’t want it – I am sure the figure is way higher than that.

    • ian says:

      Great point Tap’, they’re happy when stabbing the plebs, but kick off when they might be harmed. Sums them up very nicely.