3 Responses to “At least 25% of European JUDICIARY HAVE BEEN PAID for by Soros and Gates.”

  1. Gordon says:

    Believe me when I tell you that corrupt judiciary is global. I have a relative in Australia who has been suing corrupt federal court lawyers and judges for the past seventeen years.

    As I always say, lawyers and judges are expert in craft never to be trusted.

  2. Alan Vaughn says:

    Do you get it now David?
    He is now saying exactly what I (and others) have been saying all along. He’s effectively spelled it out for us – it’s hopeless, but if nothing else it might awaken some of the sleepwalkers who steadfastly refuse to see what’s playing out in plain sight. And that can only happen if the anti-humanity, lying mainstream media bother to report any of it. They won’t of course.
    The courts will not and simply cannot end this global holocaust – they’re part of it and always were.
    Not going to explain all the details again & again. It’s entirely up to us: no-one is coming to save us…
    We sold our freedom and many sold their souls to a LIE. It’s entirely up to us and no-one else to take them back.

    • David 2 says:

      I get it, everything you say makes sense apart from being hopeless.

      We are a genetic species called Homo sapiens. Homo sapiens means a wise person. As Homo sapiens we have the cognitive ability to question and to seek answers.

      Everything that is being done, is to end Homo sapiens and replace us with some transhumanoid species.

      People are generally slow to wake up, however the balance of power shifts when enough people wake up.

      It is a process, the bucket fills one drop at a time. Taking legal action will wake some people. Sharing information will wake some people. Protesting as a group will wake some people. Seeing through the media lies will wake some people.

      We are a collective of Homo sapiens, with each person having a unique DNA. As you say it is up to us as individuals, no-one else is going to save us!