2 Responses to “Advice to Joe Rogan – GET OUT TODAY – This system is collapsing!”

  1. danceaway says:

    From Jason Christoff site: how freemasonry works:

    Joe Rogan was forced to back peddle, just slightly, simply because he’s become the most powerful voice in media. Anyone attacking him (and there will be more of them) are working directly for the cabal and under what’s known as “freemasonic contract”, which means the people attacking him are forced to attack Joe Rogan. (by higher ranking Freemasons) If the lower ranking Freemason refuses, they are removed in short order. The celebrities attacking Joe Rogan would have been handed their careers by the Freemasonic order……and now they have to obey and comply on command, which they are doing obviously. Rogan has 15 times more viewers per episode than CNN has in a day.

  2. David 2 says:

    We do not have a justice system, we have a pyramid system where thugs protect the criminals.

    This is the masonic pyramid, with the all seeing eye of Lucifer at the top.

    We can talk and moan about the lack of justice, the decimation of the middle class, the harm from vaccinations, multiculturalism, children being gender indoctrinated, etc. However until the masonic pyramid structure is dismantled, pure evil will relentlessly decimate human life.