1. ian says:

    The stark unadorned truth.

    • Aldous says:

      It is the stark unadorned TRUTH Ian. I like the word ‘unadorned’ but get little chance of ever using it in a sentence. Thank You and HNY – if there can ever be such a moment again in these dark and often miserable and possibly times.
      I’ve lived far too long for my own good but Life seems to have its way of hanging on.
      I see people/friends/family ‘checking-out’ all around me but God or Mother Nature just won’t let me go. Don’t get me wrong as I’m still enjoying life ‘of a fashion’ but I do miss the earlier ‘Living Years’.
      Oh well.

      • ian says:

        Happy New Year Aldous, and I hope we see another year of your great comments.

  2. Aldous says:

    I meant “…possibly End Times.”
    The mRNA jab is an affront to God, Humanity and Mother Nature. It’s meant to be of course and anyone foolishly allowing this devilish concoction (which includes the aborted innocents) to be injected into their bodies and souls is beyond salvation apart from asking God for His merciful forgiveness.

    • Gordon says:

      I have to agree with you and conclude that the high priests of today (scientists) seem to think they are above the natural laws of nature given to us by God. In effect what they are saying is, this is what God has made but we can make better, thus putting themselves above that of the Creator. Well, the last to try that stunt got his ass kicked out of heaven but unfortunately for us he landed here on Earth and is doing the same all over again.

      Time for kick ass I’d say.

      • David 2 says:

        Happy New Year!

        I think you can take a clue from the grand masonic lodge fire. There were several in Vancouver a month or two ago and I suspect they will all be burnt to the ground before this is over.

        They never prosecute their own. Why do you think Blair, Fauci, the Pope, Hiliary Clinton, etc., lie to our faces and smile. Why do you think the Maxwell trial was a cover up? Why is pedophilia glossed over, 100,000 children a year in the UK do not go missing and treated as if they were snatched by a childless person to be loved!

        Everyone should look at my post on why Pope Benedict XVI was replaced. It is probably the most important video of 2021 and yet there are no comments. It is still trending on Before Its News. Once seen it can never be forgotten.

  3. Tapestry says:

    David 2. Do you have the link? Why not repost it? HNYBTW.