We will not forgive. We will not forget. We have you all on record. (Part One)

For the last two years the public have been lied to on a monumental scale and subject to a gigantic propaganda campaign designed to instill fear over a virus that has a 0.2% fatality rate, and of which the average age of death is 85.

There are many “celebrities” and journalists who have been on the wrong side of history during that time, and now we are seeing them suddenly change their tune, because they know that we have them on record. But we will not forgive, and we will not forget.

Here is part one of a collection of discriminatory statements, lies, and propaganda regurgitated by “celebrities” and journalists to the public about Covid-19, and the injections over the past two years –


Dr Hilary

Dr Hilary explaining why face masks do not and will not work in April 2020 –

Dr Hilary had this to say to viewers on the dangers of the Government removing the legal requirement to wear a face covering after the 19th of July 2021 –

“I think taking away all restrictions all in one fell swoop when we have rising cases, cases rising exponentially and very fast with a new variant is rather dangerous.

“Masks protect other people, not ones-self. I feel sorry for people in retail on the other side of the till, in a supermarket or in a shop, I feel sorry for people who work on public transport if no one’s going to be wearing masks.

“It’s personal responsibility but we all know that there are people saying ‘You know what, I don’t believe this Covid-19 thing at all, I’m not going to be wearing a mask, why should I do that?’.”

Here’s Dr Hilary just a couple of days later at Wimbledon –

Dr Hilary claiming 90% of people in hospital in December 2021 were unvaccinated –

The number of Covid-19 hospitalisations between 30th August 21 and 21st November 21 according to the UKHSA –

Ofcom’s warning to Dr Hilary Jones and Lorraine Kelly about their misleading and false claim –

Piers Morgan

We were unable to find any more tweets on Piers Morgan official Twitter page as he has deleted every single tweet he has ever made prior to November 30th 2021. We wonder why?

Jon Gaunt

“There are still crackpots like the nurses today throwing their uniforms on the floor. Absolutely Pathetic! Sack the lot of them”

“All of those nurses today are a disgrace, get off the street, roll up your sleeve and get vaccinated. If not be redeployed, or sacked.”

“Neil can you control her… you’re just a big mouthed foul yob who’s ill informed!”


Jeremy Vine On 5

Covid-19 cases, hospitalisations and deaths by vaccination status in England between 16th Aug and 5th Dec 21 according to UKHSA –

We will not forgive. We will not forget. We have you all on record.



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  1. ian says:

    I couldn’t stand listening to their garbage before all this crap, but I just hope that they’re all well jabbed and boosted. We’ll soon know.