2 Responses to “Vaccine babies are different”

  1. Tapestry says:

    Is the plan to terminate the current version of human, and replace with version two, designed to work more efficiently, and not have much in the way of emotion or spirituality? They will need to trap the souls of the current human beings with demonic power, and stop them from becoming free agents beyond the grave.

    • Gordon says:

      Human high priests, (scientists) have a nasty habit of interfering with God’s creation which will undoubtably provoke Him to anger. It’s like saying God created man after His image but we can create man after our image and do a better while we’re at it. The last lot that tried that were wiped off the face of the Earth with their abominable creations through a cataclysmic flood.

      Creating a human being through genetic manipulation will have the effect of that being having no God given soul but a brutish satanic soul uncapable of love in the fullest sense of the word while being unemotionally capable of performing the most heinous of evil acts towards others. If you have ever read The Book of Enoch you will understand what I mean.

      Satan has always counterfeited God from the beginning and today is no different. The only difference is that it’s taken him so long to again reach a point were his high priests scientists can do his dirty work for him by manipulating human DNA to produce a Godless hybrid being without a God given soul. In other words, a brutish animal. This is a big deal to God which caused His intervention in the days of Noah and you can be sure He will intervene again on account of this. When that day does arrive look out for that is when the proverbial stuff will really hit fan.