Update from Mark Sexton – For Those Planning Citizen Arrests at UK Vaccine Centres

ER Editor: Former policeman Mark Sexton recorded this message this past Sunday, 16th January 2022. As this type of message contains some technical and legal information, those Brits who may consider going down to their local vaccine centre to take direct citizen action to close it down will need to note details from the video.

Here are our notes:

  • Various social media platforms are blocking his updates.
  • Today’s message: people need to calm down with the misinformation. There is a criminal investigation ongoing that CAN’T BE STOPPED. The evidence, crimes, witnesses, and the credibility is vast. The Met Police are involved and investigating. Decisions will be taken as to how this is going to go.
  • Powerful dark forces are at work trying to stop this. The amount of misinformation being spread is not helping.
  • Vaccine centres: those gene therapy shots are the MURDER WEAPON, hurting and killing people around the world, not just in the UK, by all governments.  It is incumbent upon the police in all jurisdictions to seize the evidence of this without fail. If you go to a vaccine centre to close it down, which is within your right (he states the legislation – check the specifics of what he is saying), LIAISE with the local police if you seek to do this. The police will be resistant, but as there is a live investigation going on, they have to act. They are public servants paid for with public money. If crime, injury, harm and death are being committed, the police are sworn to protect us from this. If police are in attendance at the vaccine centres, they must seize the evidence (vials) and book them into police stations for lab analysis. The police, wearing this uniform, must respond and act accordingly. If they don’t, they are guilty of misconduct in police office and perverting the course of justice. If they know about these crimes, they will be guilty of assisting a known offender if they don’t act. All 3 offences are serious and they must be pointed out to any constable politely and respectfully. They work for the public. It is the government ministers, the civil servants and top media bosses who are committing these heinous atrocities against UK citizens. If police simply tell us to go and speak to our MP, that is a ridiculous comment. It is the job of the police to go and speak to the offenders, not us.
  • This is a live criminal investigation so the police have a duty to gather evidence. If the ‘vaccines’ are what is causing harm, they have to bring them into evidence as a matter of urgency. The police HAVE TO DO their job.
  • Please remain respectful, polite and lawful. Many of the people in these vaccine centres do not know what is going on. They don’t know what we know. Make them aware, give them as much information as you can. The job right now is to stop the damage being caused. We need the police to do this now, today – as soon as possible.
  • Thanks to everybody who is working hard to protect the people.
  • He has developed contacts in a variety of countries (he lists the countries). We need to provide as much evidence as we can so that the Met Police can go national and make everyone aware throughout the country of the problems, the damage, the harms the vaccines are causing.
  • Let’s keep going lawfully, peacefully and respectfully. State facts to the police, that is all. Police are correct that you cannot make a citizen’s arrest if the police are present. However, IF THE POLICE FAIL TO DO THEIR JOB and carry out their lawful duty, we remove that consent from them because they are failing in their office of constable. We have a right under section 24A of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act of 1984 to carry out a citizen’s arrest to prevent crime and detain people. The police know this – they operate under the same law. We give our CONSENT for this.


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3 Responses to “Update from Mark Sexton – For Those Planning Citizen Arrests at UK Vaccine Centres”

  1. Derek says:

    Thank you Mark, more power to you. Respect.

  2. ian says:

    Much though I’d love it to happen, it won’t. If in a miracle they could make it happen, The US for example would intervene. These are not some naughty crooks pulling off a racket. It is orchestrated by the same folks that pulled off 9/11, the JFK assassination, the London bombings and more.

    If they start arresting the Rockefellas and Rothschilds, Royal family etc in night time raids, tell me then.

    I’m not cynical, just a realist.