1. Aldous says:

    Let’s not beat about the bush and cut to the chase; those seemingly thinking(sic) adults who have willingly lined up for their kill-shot deserve their fate.
    I got sick of trying to explain to virtual retards after 9/11 that no building has ever been brought down by merely being hit by a plane and that jet fuel (Avtur/Jet-A1) does not burn nearly high enough to melt steel girders.
    The naïve idiots believed the media lies and mocked those who questioned the official narrative.
    They thought their own lives weren’t at risk from such lies but they were very badly mistaken when Covidhoax came along.
    Their diminished and unthinking mindset was well placed to fall into line with the lies spewing out of the TV and Radio brainwashers in virtually every lounge, kitchen and even bathroom nowadays. I turned off mainstream media on day one and haven’t looked back since, listening to ad-free and news/lies-free internet radio stations.

    It wasn’t about a difference of opinion as to what the Truth was any more but a choice between life and death itself. They just didn’t realise it.
    I feel sorry for the innocents/children who have suffered this nightmare but feel nothing whatsoever for adults who should have thought and known better.