There’s something VERY wrong with Dr. Robert W. Malone!

In view of the confirmed info presented in the PDF
posted below, there’s absolutely no question about
Dr. Robert W. Malone being controlled opposition…

…nor is there any doubt that Malone has done a LOT
of great work educating the public about the extremely
dangerous and deadly Covid vaccines.

Hence, the $64,000 question is: “Does Dr. Malone
know that he’s 
controlled opposition?”

Analysis submitted by The Covid Sleuth
SOTN Exclusive

Given the billions of dollars of contracts and grants (see list below) Malone has received from both Big Pharma and the US Government over the last decade, there’s simply no way he could leave the reservation without great consequence.

In point of fact, no one ever leaves the highest echelons of the Medical Mafia and Pharma Family, and then flip to the other side … … … unless they are explicitly permitted to do so.  Capiche?!

Therefore, what remains to be understood is exactly how his conoppo status is being used within the Covid Vax Truth Movement by his hidden pharma masters.

Remember, Dr. Malone received two Covid ‘vaccines’ himself.  He even often says that he fully believes in the nation’s Super Vaccination Agenda.  That’s right—he still believes in vaccines for the young and old, healthy and ill, rich and poor.

Hence, Malone appears to be a highly credentialed and ostensibly trustworthy Trojan horse who was strategically positioned within the Truth Movement in order to ensure that confidence is not lost by parents in the overwhelming childhood vaccination schedules which are vital to the timely implementation of the New World Order agenda.

Likewise, the avuncular Malone appears to engender faith in the annual adult flu vaccination programs across the country, which are also pivotal to various NWO schemes.

What follows is the extraordinary exposé which authoritatively reveals facts and figures about Dr. Robert W. Malone which simply don’t add up in view of his current public posture.


Really, how was Malone not already pharmacided in light of this bombshell info?!?!?!  Unless he is controlled opposition.

PDF written by Omar Jordan
Submitted to State of the Nation
January 6, 2022

There’s something VERY wrong with Dr. Robert W. Malone!


7 Responses to “There’s something VERY wrong with Dr. Robert W. Malone!”

  1. danceaway says:

    Oh my goodness, Weaver. Words escape me. Even the so called remedies are questionable ( nurses’ website at the end.)
    This entire account is a very long and somewhat shocking read, but not surprising, as we all are aware of controlled opposition, but the full-on scale of this is breathtaking. I think of Dr Malone prancing around on stage at various gatherings proclaiming his and his wife’s belief in truth.

    Health Impact News has also been questioning his ties to Big Pharma and therefore his authenticity, along with Dr McCullough, and even Kennedy, as all claim to be pro-vaccine.

    Go back a day or so for the article on Malone; this one is questioning McCullough.

  2. Weaver says:

    The opposition comes in many different disguises. Dr. Robert Malone certainly seems to be one of them.

  3. David 2 says:

    I must admit to not reading the entire pdf, as it was all to do with the past. However I do remember listening to his first three hour interview.

    He was an advocate for vaccines and made no attempt to hide this. He took the vaccine along with his wife believing that it would stay in the arm and provide immunity. During the interview he stated that he was concerned by the fact that the inoculation travelled through the blood stream.

    In my view this is a hit piece. The guy concluded that something was wrong with the vaccine and with the agenda. He is very much to the fore of denouncing the agenda and vaccinating children. This is not how controlled opposition would work.

    I note that the hit piece also questions Dr McCullough.

    So they eliminate Dr McCullough, Dr Malone and any brave soul that stands up to big Pharma. All based on the fact that they worked for the system?

    This is war and the enemy is very resourceful. I would seriously question the motives for this piece.

  4. Alan Vaughn says:

    Well, Dr Robert Malone is the inventor of what is now commonly referred to as the ‘death jab’ or the ‘overpopulation cure’, so this shouldn’t surprise anyone, at least not anyone from our circle of realists who know what’s going on.
    I was never convinced that he nor Peter McCullough, were genuine, given what I know about their backgrounds and pro vaccine stances.
    I was pro vaccine myself, until the covid hoax and the bioweapon were unleashed, but now that I know the disturbing truth about them all, I’m a staunch ‘anti-vaxxer’ and proundly wear the label…
    Why aren’t they? They are still saying vaccines, apart from the Covid-19 one are all life saving treatments and encourage everyone to trust them and take them…

    • ian says:

      Good comment Alan. When they start by saying that they’re not anti vax, it’s a give away.

      • stevie k says:

        As I’ve said before Ian their whole life’s work has been based on the “science” of vaccination and I think it”s too big a step for some of them to take to accept there is no proof to any of it. It means accepting you’ve wasted your whole working life on a lie… whether he is controlled opposition I don’t know but his comments on matters must be making some people think and hopefully research more so that seems to work against the controlled opposition narrative. I suppose time will tell.

  5. RKae says:

    Never forget: he’s the muther f*cker who thought it was a great idea to cause your body to produce toxins in a never-ending chain reaction… in order to… beat… the… flu.

    It’s over-complicated thinkers like him that totally f*ck up the world.

    Vitamins just aren’t “sciencey” enough for them.