The situation between the US/NATO and Russia has become critical

FLASH UPDATE – SEE BOTTOM – 7:45 PM EST — Satellites Would Be Attacked First, Then These Radar Stations if WW3 Commences next week

  • Ukraine Continues to Prepare to Attack Donetsk and Luhansk

  • US F-16’s have been positioned into Ukraine proper

  • US F-15’s have been positioned into Romania

  • 1,000 M1A1 and M1A2 tanks have been shipped to Romania/Greece

  • Russia has asked NATO for Security Guarantees, and been rejected

  • US/EU/NATO Attempted to Overthrow Gov’t of Kazakhstan Last Week

  • NATO Again Rejects Russian request for Security Guarantees; Russia says will obtain them “by other means” (war?)

  • Russia Begins Airlift of “Strategic Supplies” To Doomsday Bunker at Mt. Yamantau in Ural Mountains

  • Russian Aircraft Capable of Anti-Satellite Launches being fueled and Readied throughout Russia

  • US Military has been recalling Active-Reservists for Immediate Deployment to Europe all week.


Most of you are aware from reports in mass media for several months saying “Russia is massing troops along Ukraine’s border.”  What those reports completely failed to say is that this was in response to Ukraine massing almost fifty percent of its entire army along the border of two breakaway states: Luhansk and Donetsk.

Those two states in eastern Ukraine, want to leave Ukraine and join Russia, but the government of Ukraine won’t allow it.

The reason those two states want to leave Ukraine is that back in 2014, the US, the European Union (NATO) fomented riots and protests inside Ukraine that resulted in their President, Viktor Yanukovich, being overthrown.

It all started years earlier when the US/EU tried to “woo” Ukraine into moving away from Russia’s sphere of influence, and into the sphere of influence of Europe and the US.   The US/EU spent billions through non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) to provide “aid” to Ukraine.  The aid went to citizens and to groups inside Ukraine, NOT to the Ukraine government.

After a number of years of providing this “aid” the US/EU approached the Ukraine government and said “Look, we’ve supported you and your people, we are the future for Ukraine.  You really have no future if you remain loyal to Russia, we want you to officially come to us and become part of the EU.”

Then-President, Viktor Yanukovich, thought about it, talked with his Ministers about it, and they all decided that it would be better if Ukraine remained loyal to Russia.  They basically told the EU and the US “Thanks, but no thanks.”

Well, that just wasn’t what the US/EU wanted to hear.   So they fomented protests, civil unrest, riots, snipers, the burning of government buildings.  It started fast and large.  Within months, the Ukraine government found itself basically under siege from all these protests and riots.

When the bloodshed got bad, and it appeared the country was going to destroy itself through all these troubles, Yanukovich fled the country and the Ukraine government collapsed.

Quite conveniently, the US/EU were right there to lend a hand . . . and backed new government candidates that would be favorable to the West.   A puppet government was installed.

Everyone in Ukraine saw what happened. They lived through it.  And they – like most free people – did not like that their President, a man THEY voted for, had been forcibly overthrown.  They didn’t want any part of this new puppet government.

Now, in southern Ukraine is a peninsula called Crimea.  It sits on the Black Sea.  There’s a major Russian Navy Base there and that base is of particular importance to Russia because it is the only warm water port they have in the coldest parts of Winter.  All their other ports freeze.

So it is in the national security interests of Russia to make sure they keep that port.   Keeping the port with a new, puppet government in Ukraine, may not have been possible.

So Russia started using the Treaty they had with Ukraine, to add the number of troops the Treaty allowed, to that port.  They raised their troop presence to about twenty five thousand.

Then they went door to door in Crimea and talked with the people there.   Those people are almost ALL of Russian descent.   After all, up until only 50 years ago, when then-Soviet Secretary General Kruschev GAVE Crimea to Ukraine, it had been part of Russia.   For over 300 years, it had been called “Russian Crimea.”  They asked the people in Crimea if they would vote to come back to Russia.   Most agreed.

A Referendum was held asking if citizens in Crimea wanted to return the land to Russia.  About ninety percent of the vote said “Yes.”

After the Referendum, the Russian Duma (their version of what Americans know as Congress) enacted legislation accepting Crimea back into Russia and the people there would all be granted Russian citizenship.   Done deal, right?  Wrong.

The EU and US refused to accept the results of the Referendum. The EU and US slapped Sanctions upon Russia, calling the Crimea an “invasion” or an “Annexation” and demanding Russia “give back” the land.   That is not going to happen.

After Crimea was able to return to Russia, two other parts of Ukraine, Luhansk and Donetsk, wanted to return to Russia too.   But Ukraine wouldn’t allow it and sent troops to take over those two breakaway states.  Heavy fighting ensued as the militias of each state engaged the Ukrainian army in battle.

The fighting went on for a couple years and suddenly “Little Green Men” started appearing in Luhansk and Donetsk.  They were fully trained, professional soldiers, with full gear, but no patches or flags on their uniforms.

It was clear very fast that these were, in fact, troops from the Russian Army, sent in to help the two breakaway states defend themselves from being taken over by the Ukraine puppet government in Kiev, it’s capital.

Over 14,000 died in the fighting between the Ukraine Army and the breakaway states of Luhansk and Donetsk.

Then in 2016, all the troubles just . . . stopped.   It was like someone flipped a switch.   That switch was the November, 2016, US Presidential election, wherein Donald Trump won and Hillary Clinton lost.  Like magic, most of the troubles in Ukraine simply just stopped.

For the four years of the Trump Administration, Ukraine remained quiet.

The November 2020 US election rolled around and the Democrats in the US stole the election through rampant and brazen election fraud.

Like magic, when Joe Biden got sworn in, the troubles in Ukraine started again with gusto.   Ukraine began massing more and more troops and armor near Luhansk and Donetsk.  So, in February of this year, Russia started massing troops along the Russian border with Ukraine.  Russia was going to protect the Russian-speaking populations in Luhansk and Donetsk.

WHAM!  Like magic, the western mass-media began talking up “Russian aggression.”  Russia, they claimed, was massing troops.  They never bothered to mention it was in response to Ukraine massing troops.   Russia, they claimed, was a “threat.”  They never mentioned what Ukraine was planning to do: take Luhansk and Donetsk by force to prevent them from leaving.

Things got dicey for awhile and then, Russia moved some (but not all) of their troops, from the Ukraine border area to elsewhere.   Things quieted down.



It finally became publicly known that the US and EU, through NATO, wanted to place US Missile “Defenses” on the territory of Ukraine.  This had been their plan all along . . . all the way back to the overthrow of Yanukovich.

They want to place US high speed missiles in Ukraine because at that location, those missiles will only have a flight time of about 5 minutes to Moscow and about 7 minutes to Russia’s strategic nuclear missile silos.  The flight time would mean Russia would be unable to defend itself in time; a threat the Russians take very seriously and have publicly stated they will not allow.

This is reminiscent of what Americans recall as “The Cuban Missile Crisis” in the early 1960’s.   At that time, US military spy planes got photos of then-Soviet Union Medium range, and Intermediate Range nuclear missiles being assembled at launch sites in Cuba.   The military alerted then-President John F. Kennedy.

Kennedy asked his Generals how long it would take missiles launched from Cuba to reach Washington, DC.  They replied “5 minutes.”   Then they added information that the other missiles, the longer range Intermediate” missiles, could reach almost all the other cities in the US within about 7-10 minutes, and if a First Strike was done, the US would lose about eighty percent of our population in the first strike.

President Kennedy decided right then and there that those missiles had to go.   Either the Soviet Union had to take them out, or the US would invade Cuba and destroy those missiles.

It turned out that the Soviets put those missiles there BECAUSE . . .  the US had placed Jupiter Missiles, that could hit the Soviet Union within about 5 minutes, in Turkey.   So the Soviets, fearing they would be attacked in a first strike, responded by putting missiles of their own on Cuba, within 5 minutes strike time of the USA.

For thirteen days, the world teetered on the brink of actual nuclear war.  Because once the Soviet Union found out that the US knew about the missiles in Cuba and would attack, the Soviets had a choice: Use them or lose them.

Thank God there were men of good will on both sides, and the missiles were removed by the Soviet Union.  Word of this removal came via shortwave radio broadcast from Radio Moscow and was later confirmed via teletype between Russia and the USA.  But for about eight hours, no one knew if the Soviets would use them.  The world was literally eight hours away from all-out nuclear war.

Here we are fifty years later, and the US is doing the same thing to Russia.  We want to place our missiles within five minutes strike time of Russia and President Vladimir Putin, just like former President John F. Kennedy, won’t allow it.  It simply cannot be.

No reasonable person can blame him.  Because the nasty little secret about those US missile “defenses” that we want to put in Ukraine, is that the warheads can be swapped-out in less than an hour, changing them from defensive missiles with conventional warheads, to offensive missiles with nuclear warheads, and no one would know the warheads had been swapped-out.

The Russians could then be attacked, and decapitated of their capital city and their defensive nuclear missile silos, and be left defenseless all within ten minutes.

There is no way on God’s earth, that Russia is going to sit back and let this happen.  They can’t. It’s a matter of survival for them.



So the Russians, two weeks ago, put forth what they propose as legally enforceable security guarantees that they want from the US/EU (NATO).  Russia points out that NATO has expanded and expanded since the fall of the Soviet Union, and that NATO has now, literally, come right up to Russia’s front porch in Ukraine.  Russia says “we have nowhere else to retreat to.”

They put out their proposals twice.  The first one went to NATO and, within eight short hours, NATO boss Jens Stoltenberg dismissed them out of hand by simply saying “no.” “Russia” he said “could not have the guarantees it wants.”

So three or four days later, Russia issued the same proposals, only this time, had them delivered by official Diplomatic Staff to the leaders of each NATO country.   In that second proposal, Russia made clear that they MUST have security guarantees and if they cannot achieve that by Diplomatic means, then they will achieve that “by other means.”

Most rational people understand “other means” to mean, war.

The proposals sat for a couple weeks, and a meeting date was set by NATO for January 10.  The two sides will meet, in Brussels, Belgium, at NATO Headquarters, this coming Monday.

All good, right?   WRONG.

Four days ago, trouble popped-up in . . .  Kazakhstan.

Protests and riots began suddenly in almost every major city, with tens of thousands taking to the streets.   But while they tried to claim these were grass roots protests against a government that raised fuel prices, video emerged showing private cars pulling up at these protests, popping the trunks, and out came dozens of . . .  machine guns!

The West (US/EU/NATO) was doing in Kazakhstan, what they did in Ukraine back in 2014.  They are trying to forcibly overthrow the government of Kazakhstan and install a puppet government there, too.

Why?  A map tells the story:



Kazakhstan borders Russia.  In fact, they share “the longest land border in the world.”   Oh, and Russia’s space launch facilities; are in Kazakhstan.   So the location of Kazakhstan, and Russia’s space capabilities, are all at stake if Kazakhstan gets overthrown.

Geographically, if Kazakhstan falls, and a NATO-favorable government is installed there, US missiles can go there and still have only a short flight time of about 7 minutes to Moscow and about 10 minutes to Russia’s nuclear missile silos.

The West is not only NOT giving Russia any security guarantees, it is actively trying to worsen Russia’s situation by taking over Kazakhstan.

This time, Russia did not wait to act as they did when Ukraine went sour.  This time, when the President of Kazakhstan asked for help, it took only thirty minutes for Russia to approve deployment of troops into Kazakhstan to assist that government.

Russia, and other members of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CTSO) sent troops immediately.  What did they encounter?   In Almaty, Kazakhstan alone, they arrested twenty-thousand (20,000) men with machine guns, hand-grenades, and rocket-propelled grenades!

What “grass-roots” protests have YOU ever seen where the protesters come armed with machine guns, grenades, and rocket launchers?   This was the US/EU/NATO going at it again, just like they did in Ukraine.  Want proof?   





03/04/2021 . (April 4, 2021)
US allocates USD 1.5 million for “human rights preservation in Kazakhstan.”

19/04/2021 (April 19, 2021)
US Embassy in Kazakhstan begins official “tender” to find “willing organizations” to distribute money.

22.04.2021 (April 22, 2021)
US again allocates money to “strengthen the media landscape in Kazakhstan.”

20.05.2021 (May 20, 2021)
The USA provides money in the amount of 240 million USD to build up military bases in 20 countries, including Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan (whether the governments of the countries ever agreed to this? ).

Thus, as you can see above, once Russia began moving its troops back toward the Ukraine Border in February into March, and the West realized they were going to have an actual fight on their hands over Ukraine, the West (i.e. U.S. Congress) regrouped and began throwing money at Kazakhstan.  They decided THEN, back in March, they were going to move to destabilize Kazakhstan, and in April they started openly allocating the money to make it happen.

But wait . . .  there’s more!

Dec 16, 2021.
The US Embassy in Kazakhstan issues a travel warning for major Kazakh cities because of “upcoming demonstrations and warns of possible riots and mass arrests.


Well, well, well.  That’s some magic Crystal Ball the US Embassy in Kazakhstan has.   They issued travel warnings about demonstrations and mass riots three full weeks BEFORE there was even any sign of such things.   Gee, I wonder how they could have known?  Maybe because THEY THEMSLEVES were arranging all of it?



With that uprising in Kazakhstan, Russia got its answer from the West.  There will be no security guarantees, and NATO will continue encircling Russia.

After troops from CTSO countries basically halted the uprising in Kazakhstan, and it became clear the US/EU/NATO had been caught fomenting another Ukraine, Jens Stoltenberg from NATO came out publicly yesterday and told Russia “No. There will be no security guarantees.”

So NATO (the US and EU) are deliberately choosing war.   They are deliberately provoking war with Russia.  There is no doubt about it.

Apparently NATO thinks they can win such a war.

Apparently, they think Russia “wouldn’t dare” use nuclear weapons in such a situation.

I think NATO is wrong.   I not only think Russia WOULD use nuclear weapons to protect itself, I think Russia is now forced into using them FIRST!

So, as of the writing of this article on Saturday, January 8, we are just two days away from the meeting in Brussels between the US and Russia, at NATO Headquarters.  I do not expect that meeting to go well at all.

The Russians have already indicated that if the meeting does not cover the items on its agenda of security guarantees, or tries to cloud the issues with extraneous items, Russia will declare the meeting useless and walk out.

At that point Russia will have no choice but to take care of its security “by other means.”

What that actually translates to, is really up in the air.  No one knows.

Might they place Russia nuclear missiles in Cuba again?   Maybe.

Might they place nuclear missiles in Kaliningrad, a small patch of land between Lithuania and Poland which is still “Russia?”  This would afford five minute flight times of nukes to all European capitals.  Maybe.

Or might Russia do something else?  Seeing the writing on the wall, and knowing that NATO is never going to stop, might Russia launch their new anti-satellite weapons and take out NATO GPS and Communications satellites?  I think this is VERY LIKELY.

Now, no one but governments would know – at least initially – if Russia takes out satellites.  People on the ground in Europe would simply see their GPS not working.  Only governments would immediately know what happened.

The very next thing that Russia might do, is something that average Americans can watch for: Attacks against our over-the-horizon radar sites.

There are FIVE (5) over-the horizon radar sites, four on north America, three being in US, one on Greenland and the last in the UK.  They are:

Cape Cod, MA

Beale AFB, California

Clear Air Force Base, Alaska,

a fourth in Greenland at Thule Air Force Base and a fifth at Flyingdales Air Base in the United Kingdom.

The map below shows the base locations and the area covered by their over-the-horizon radars: (Click map to enlarge)

Of all these sites, Cape Cod is the most likely to be hit.   It protects the US east coast, and putting that out of service would open the door to submarine launched missiles coming in from the Atlantic.   We would be blind as a bat and deaf as a post without the Cape Cod radar station.

A single missile could hit the giant radar array building and knock it out.  Here is what the facility looks like:

Here’s a up-close image of the radar building:

And here’s a super-up-close image of what the stop-sign-shaped radar emitters look like:

With these types of radar stations, we can see literally over-the-horizon and get several MORE minutes of advance notice if we are being attacked.  Without these particular radar stations, we’d have less than five minutes warning that missiles were inbound.

If you hear reports that anything has taken place at any or all of these particular radar stations, that is your confirmation that World War 3 has already started and that nuclear missiles are inbound.

These radar would have to be taken out shortly before Russian missiles come out of their silos or out of their submarines off our coasts.

Under normal circumstances, our satellites would normally detect missile launches.  The heat signature of the rocket motors is very visible to our satellites.  After a satellite missile LAUNCH detection, we would next go to our radar to confirm and to track the missiles.

If Russia takes out our satellites, as they have now proven they can, we won’t know if there’s a launch.

Intelligence information given to me last night reports that, incidentally, all the Russian MiG aircraft which are capable of launching anti-satellite rockets, are now being fueled, and made ready for flight in Russia.

With our Satellites gone, we would then have to rely solely on our radar.   If these radar get taken out, then you have confirmation that an attack is already underway and the nukes are already inbound. There would be no other reason whatsoever, to take out the radar, except to prevent tracking of the inbound missiles.

Nukes launched from inside Russia would arrive in about 30 minutes, unless they use their new Hyper-sonic, which would arrive in about ten minutes.  Nukes launched from Russian submarines at sea, would arrive in about 6 minutes.

So if you hear of any incidents at any of these radar stations, you have literally only minutes to get to shelter to ride it out.


Two days ago, seven IL-76 cargo aircraft from the Russian Air Force, took off from a base in Belarus.  They were initially THOUGHT to be heading to Kazakhstan with troops and equipment.  They weren’t.

The aircraft headed to Mount Yamantau in the south Ural Mountains.   Here’s a scalable map of the complex:



Satellite images show the planes offloaded cargo of a type that is best described as “Strategic Resources.”   That means they are the final supplies one might expect to see being brought into a Doomsday Bunker.

Since the Soviet era, the military in Russia has been building a vast – gigantic- doomsday city, thought to be the literal size of about Washington, DC, deep underground at that mountain.

The fact that Russia is now flying “strategic supplies” to that doomsday bunker is evidence they anticipate using it soon.

Many will fall back to the old – and no longer valid – concept of “Mutual Assured Destruction” (MAD) and tell you there’s no way Russia would launch a nuclear strike at us because it means they would be destroyed too.

Not true anymore.

Russia has hypersonic missiles.  We do not.

Their hypersonic missiles can be launched and strike us before the order for our missiles to launch ever gets them out of their silos.  Their missiles can hit before ours get launched.

Russia has the S-500 air defense system.  We do not.

The S-500, and its brand new incarnation, the S-550, can take out our inbound nukes.   Maybe not get all of them, but get enough of them for Russians to survive.

We have no reliable missile defense, despite having spent billions over decades.   In fact, the sum total of our missile defense, is forty (40) missile interceptors.  Some in Alaska and others at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.   What the hell are forty interceptors going to do against a full scale first strike?

Russia has specially constructed bomb shelters stocked with food, water, medicine, tools.  We do not.

Last year, Russia held a special, well-announced-in-advance,, bomb shelter drill with its civilian population.  They successfully put FORTY MILLION civilians into bomb shelters throughout the country, very fast.   The US and NATO, have no such bomb shelters and conduct no such civilian drills.  Our people are left out in the open, to fend for themselves.

These inconvenient facts kind of take the “mutual” out of mutual assured destruction.

Russians can survive.  We . . . it don’t look too good for us . . . at all.

We will get a huge indication of how things will go when the meeting between the US and Russia kicks off on Monday.

Brussels, Belgium is 6 hours AHEAD of New York City time.   So by the time most of us wake up for work on Monday, the meetings will already be underway . . .  or, God forbid . . . walked-out of.

Depending on how that meeting goes, we will have a very good idea if war is coming as soon as next Tuesday, January 11.

— Hal Turner



The US has discussed shipping Stinger missiles to Ukraine. A US State Department representative reportedly said that the Biden administration could send the lethal weapons to Ukraine by a third side, such as Estonia, thus escalating the ongoing war preps in Ukraine.


Reports that employees of the US Consulate General in Almaty, together with family members, left Kazakhstan.  (HT Remark: If they had nothing to do with all this, why are they fleeing?)



7:45 PM EST —

Things just took the single most dramatic turn for the worse imaginable.  Both the President, and the Vice-President of the United States were quietly flown to AREA 51 in Nevada, about 80 miles north-northwest of Las Vegas, for a personal briefing and demonstration of the United States most advanced, and most secret, “deployable” military weaponry.

Air Force One is now back in the air after leaving Area-51:

Air Force Two, with the Vice President, is now also airborne after leaving Area-51:

WE DO NOT KNOW IF BIDEN OR HARRIS ARE ACTUALLY __ON__ EITHER OF THOSE PLANES, or if they are now safely tucked away in a Bunker under Area 51.   And since Biden has been using a portable sound stage to mimic the appearance of the White House Press Briefing room, he can just continue using it . . . from wherever he actually may be!

This seems to indicate that the United States is, in fact, heading into an actual major war with Russia and that our most advanced and secret weaponry will be deployed.

I do NOT have any specific, credible, “inside” information indicating we are going to war, but it LOOKS that way to me.   This visit by both the President and Vice President, is unprecedented.

I strongly recommend you prepare yourselves for actual War.  I suspect we will be hit here in the USA.


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  1. ian says:

    Oh well, I suppose that they’ve been destroying the West, the US in particular for a few years now, this will be the ultimate destruction. China, Russia, and North Korea, all have advanced hypersonic missiles, to destroy the US navy and attack mainland US. A land invasion of Europe might ensue. Happy days are here again