6 Responses to “The real reason for the Djokovic saga!!”

  1. Aldous says:

    What an out and out hateful, lying, bought and paid for Satanist scumbag Hawke is.
    I wonder what filth they have on that dirtbag? Little boys or girls or both?

    • ian says:

      I agree Aldous, they don’t get to the top unless they are controllable. Little boys and girls and a few dingos no doubt. Possibly even cats. I can imagine him sitting in the doctor’s waiting room, and the receptionist says Claude Balls, and he stands up, only to be told that it’s someone else’s name, not his condition.

  2. Gordon says:

    There’s one thing for sure and that is “they” wont take him out, for doing so would make him a martyr for the cause.

  3. Occams says:

    As an ex-tour pro, I never really had much interest in Novak or his game. Respect – but no interest to follow.

    Then this all happened. Rafa and Fed folded like ho’s, losing every ounce of respect I once had, and now I support Novak and hope he DOES ‘encourage anti-vaxxers’, but to be honest?

    If after 2 years you’ve remained unvaxxed, it’s doubtful – short of overwhelming force used against you – you’ll suddenly decide you want to roll the dice, as I would imagine 90% of the unvaxxed never even got a cold, and it appears to be ‘too late’ for the vaxxed, as the clock is on and a good percentage are already walking The Green Mile

    As an aside, almost every one of my vaxxed clients is postponing due to ‘breakthrough’ cases…..and other lies they now tell themselves.

  4. David 2 says:

    He has a wonderful name NOVAX Djokovic. I may never be able to say his Christian name again.

    The Masonic New World Order agenda at work of divide and conquer, with the all seeing eye of Lucifer at the top. We have an insecurity complex and believe we need a power elite to dictate our lives. Most people around the world simply bleat like sheep and will line up for the fourth and fifth shot expecting a different outcome.

  5. emm jay says:

    Another ‘real reason’ for the Djokovic saga … his support for the protests in Serbia against Rio Tinto?