The New Year by Savant.

People celebrating the arrival of a New Year has always puzzled me. What’s there to celebrate? The event merely means that the clock clicks on by a second. You might as well wildly celebrate 5.37 pm every April 18th for all its practical significance. Yet every year we see the same thing. Vast crowds delirious with joy, celebrating like they’d won the national lottery. But this year things might be different. After all, who could not celebrate the passing of 2021? Well, anybody who knows what’s coming in 2022, that’s who.

Mind you I don’t claim to know what’s coming although a few things do look inevitable, like runaway inflation derived from Zimbabwe-like money printing, more supply-chain problems (contrived or not), ongoing SME devastation and Third World immivasions, probably a major unprecedented internet take-down. And of course the Climate Change hoax will continue to fuel Agenda 2030 and last but not least the battle to jab the world will turn really dirty. If needs be the new much deadlier virus Bill Gates warned us about – and he should know – will be released pour encourager les autres. Alternatively we could see a total systemic collapse if America and its yapping poodles finally provoke Russia into war, and/or the fiat financial ponzi finally crashes, bringing the world economy down with it.

My own belief is that 2022 will be make-or-break, call it an event horizon, a singularity even. I believe the world will see things it’s never seen before. As I wrote in an earlier post, the devil has stepped out from behind the curtain and the battle between Good and Evil has truly been joined. Next year will decide whether the Davos Crowd who’ve sold their souls for riches and power will irrevocably entrench their position or a critical mass of opposition rises up against them. While far from being a critical mass, the recent growth in those taking the red pill – and becoming Jew-wise – is deeply heartening.

Which brings us to the spiritual dimension. Ultimately this is what it’s all about. Biblical Prophesies materialise before our eyes. Many religious Jews believe their Mossiach (the Anti-Christ?) has already returned to earth which in part explains the ongoing pressure to oust Muslims from the Temple Mount. Yes, I think it’s all going to come to a head this year.

God help us all. Literally.


2 Responses to “The New Year by Savant.”

  1. Aldous says:

    “Yes, I think it’s all going to come to a head this year.”
    My thinking too!
    I very much doubt I’ll see in another New Year as I’m fast running out of this Life on Earth made Hell by the usual suspects – or Life on Earth made Hell is fast running out on me – but I’ve no regrets or complaints.
    We’re all Born to Die our Earthly Existence and no one gets out of it alive anyway.
    Q: Why did God create Earth – apart from having a wicked sense of humour?
    A: Because God realised that His Milky Way Galaxy needed a lunatic asylum.

    We watched an archive video of raconteur Peter Ustinov talking to the chat-show host Mike Parkinson to see in the New Year. What an absolute genius Ustinov was. Fluent in a few languages, he had us so rivetted that we totally missed the midnight hour.
    One memorable moment was when he talked about wanting the part of Emperor Nero when in his early 30s.
    The Director told Ustinov that he was far too young to play Nero.
    Ustinov – as adept as ever – told the Director that Nero was in his mid-twenties when he died.
    The Director checked the facts and Ustinov got the memorable part.

    Peter Ustinov – the Parkinson Interviews compilation 58:08 (includes comments)

    • Gordon says:

      Thanks Aldous, just watched your Ustinov link which was very funny and entertaining.