Dr. advises that the entire vaxxtermination programme is about to be pulled

Because justice is coming for everybody who has participated in the crimes of COVID-1984.

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4 Responses to “Dr. advises that the entire vaxxtermination programme is about to be pulled”

  1. ian says:

    Very interesting indeed.

  2. Mr Dude says:

    This is from GLP. Psychic Focus Lynn runs a hugely popular blog where she takes questions from punters and answers them on her blog.

    Just LOOK what she has to say to a concerned reader (;)) who wrote in asking about poor old Wayne Smith and his father…

    UK whistleblower MURDERED by UK government – Wayne Smith RIP
    Psychic Focus on Wayne Smith Whistleblower
    Direct Link to Reading: [link to youtu.be (secure)]

    Q. Hi Lynn,
    [link to http://www.bitchute.com (secure)]
    Wayne Smith was recently found dead in the UK after very publicly blowing the whistle on care home deaths using the drug Midazolam. This is happening everywhere.

    Was he murdered? If so by whom?

    [link to deaddeath.com (secure)]
    [link to en.wikipedia.org (secure)]

    A. I get there are no coincidences and yes they are related.
    I see that in nursing homes there are different classifications of people. It looks like the filing of their health status or needs are categorized. The categories are something like this and vary by the country:
    1. self-pay
    2. insurance/benefits
    3. government/medicare/medicaid.

    If you are self-pay you are the safest. You pay for the resources you use, and drain your accounts back to the system in the process. This is a win-win for facilities and they like these type of patients.
    A person getting insurance benefits has a somewhat negotiated cost, so the facility gets less money, but still gets paid. This looks somewhat safe for the patient, although not as desirable as self-pay.
    The most at risk people for this look to be either someone seemingly abandoned by family and/or those on government programs. Not only are the fees reduced greatly, but the care is paid by taxpayer premiums versus the patient paying the premium. These are the least desirable people in the facility, and subject to the most neglect, abuse and drugging to make the patient docile and easier to manage. The gross abuse can often lead to the patient becoming very sick, very lethargic or even death.

    This treatment and valuation needs to be brought to light as many of these homes/facilities are used to care for loved ones that need managed care which exceeds what can be provided in a private residence.
    Very sad and I am glad to see that Wayne had courage to speak on this. I see that a member of the PTW that was also entrenched in the lobbying of certain drugs in the nursing homes was responsible for organizing this. Very sad and I do hope this gets brought to light, Love and light be with his spirit.
    And that is all I have for this reading. Thank you. Love and light, Lynn

  3. Mr Dude says:

    I’ll put a month’s wages on it being Hancock. And yes I’m a betting man. I once walked out of Coral bookies in Epsom with £8500 dontchaknow..

  4. Derek says:

    Given that the Doctors phone number was clearly visible on the patients phone, both the patient and the doctor have been very careless. Had the doctor been aware that the patient was recording the conversation no in the public domain, both risk actions taken against them.

    Careless or brave, I wish them both well – but also wish Henry could edit out that number.