The debate of whether COVID exists other than as a conspiracy


The illness that is going the rounds is different to previous flus, most people who’ve had something would say.  But is there a single virus as claimed, and has it been isolated?

Kaufman responds to those claiming that the virus has been isolated.  This is technical.

What is simple to add to this discussion is that the flu people have been getting in recent times is very similar to Asian flu or Trangkaso – high fever, body aches followed by rashes.

The extra factor which seems to be a new element is that oxygen gets low, due to tiny blood clots.

Dr Judy Mikowits believes this extra factor is caused by vaccines – especially the flu vaccine which seeds retroviruses (viruses from other species) – a fact that is admitted by vaccine manufacturers,

and that the blood clotting effect is triggered by the Asian flu – the SARS 2.

John Rappoport believes that, whether this sis true or not, the people who died of COVID in the media died of a number of different causes which were all ascribed to COVID in the stats.

One analysis says that in the UK (England and Wales but not Scotland/NI) less than 10,000 people died from ‘COVID alone’ in government stats.

It seems that very few people died from COVID.  But many are dying from the effects of the vaccines.

Dr Kaufman believes that the COVID virus has never been proved to exist.



One Response to “The debate of whether COVID exists other than as a conspiracy”

  1. stevie k says:

    Very good summary by Andy Kaufman, what I can’t get my head around is how can “virologists” claim to have sequenced the genome of this supposed virus if they have done nothing to isolate or purify the alleged particle, and supposed intelligent people believe them. Perhaps Dr Mercola could claim some of the hundreds of thousands of £’s or $’s that have been offered for proof of its existence. I look forward to that….