The abolition of parenthood.

Coming soon to a tyranny near you: The abolishment of parenthood. They said it. They actually said it. Which means they will definitely do it.


MY COMMENT: This is what is done with slaves. To ensure the parents have no influence, the kids are separated as soon as they are strong enough to be without their parents. The official age for this is 4 years old but I would not be surprised if it was sooner in this case.

The Jews are not subjected to this, THEY get to keep their legacies while the rest are managed like cattle. You can safely bet no one like Gates or Soros would EVER give their kids up, this is for the masses and is explicitly done to completely erase cultures and eliminate any chance anyone will be disloyal to the state. This is not about equity, it is about “hard work” for absolutely nothing in return – “You will own nothing, and you will be happy”.

The fact that this appeared in the MSM means they fully intend to do exactly this.

They will be “doing this to prevent compounding privilege over generations” but in reality, they are doing this to ensure there is ONE CLASS – a slave class – and a master class that is not subject to this at all, and focuses it’s entire effort on “compounding privilege over generations” to make GOOD AND SURE THEY RULE.