The 4 Horsemen Of The Left’s Artificial Apocalypse

The Four Horsemen of the Left’s Artificial Apocalypse

By: J.B. Shurk

Let me state firmly my belief that we are on the precipice of a dramatic shift in human relations. The institutions, authorities, and cultural puppet masters that have hoarded power for centuries are screaming out today because they’re breaking…and panicking. What have the last twenty-five years of technological innovations shown people? Among other things, the vast smorgasbord of free information that has exploded forth during this Digital Age big bang has put all the traditional “gatekeepers” on their back feet. The evening news broadcasts, the late-night comedy shows, and the White House Press Corps no longer maintain an exclusive monopoly over what is newsworthy. With ordinary people on social media proving themselves just as talented as most celebrity entertainers, Hollywood and the music industry no longer maintain an exclusive monopoly over what shapes our culture. And with the rise of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, we are fast approaching a time when central banks (and their client governments) no longer maintain a monopoly over fiat currencies that allow politicians and bankers to tax, punish, spend, and control citizens’ wealth and livelihoods from the shadows of elite and insular economic clubs.

What these trends above represent is a fundamental transformation for human existence but not one toward international socialism, powerful oligarchies, or citizen subsistence. It is rather the rise of individual freedom at the expense and exclusion of government regulation and authority. These last twenty-five years of technological development have made it possible for humans to trade goods and services, knowledge, security, spiritual connection, and entertainment without consulting politicians, bureaucrats, pop stars, or corporate boards of directors. When you see this reality for what it truly is — nothing short of a technologically enabled revolution for human freedom and independence — it becomes obvious why those with power today have embraced authoritarianism and totalitarianism wherever we look. They have everything to lose and nothing to gain from our rising liberation. Their tyranny is their only salvation. In other words, the powers that be are all deeply afraid.

In response to their fear, everything the global elite do today is about pushing back against this organic revolution by consolidating power and wealth into as few hands as possible while trying to take over the technologies that have paved the way for greater individual freedom. These initiatives are collectivist (leftist) and globalist (oligarchical) in nature, and they all pursue the same aim: to weaken individual sovereignty and strengthen governmental control.

(1) COVID-1984 Bringing the Great Reset’s Conquest

The Chinese Flu may be a minor pestilence, but after two years of scientific dictatorship taking hold around the world, it is clear that the lockdowns, small business devastation, church closures, and punishments for disobeying arbitrary and capricious mandates devised by petty tyrants have all been about conditioning national populations to accept total government control over their lives. Plain and simple: Governments love the virus they have taught the world to fear. It is their weapon of choice for initiating, in their own words, a “Great Reset” that allows them to conquer free nations and remake them into slave states mastered by a small coterie of the fantastically wealthy and politically powerful. 

Just as NAFTA and other “free trade” agreements have had the effect of destroying American manufacturing and middle-class wealth these last thirty years, the mass formation psychosis of COVID-1984 has obliterated small business solvency and personal savings while transferring unprecedented wealth to a small number of corporations (Amazon, Walmart, and Pfizer, among others) and financial heavyweights (BlackRockVanguard, and the Machiavellian cabal of Davos royalty).

Extraordinary executive unilateralism has been unleashed (without regular statutory authority), allowing leaders with constitutionally limited jurisdiction to rule by whim and decree, while dispensing with any pretense that their powers rest with the laws or votes of the people. Seventy-five years ago, tyrants such as ours were called Führer or Il Duce or Chairman. Today, they spout nonsense about “building back better” or “saving democracy” or sacrificing for “heath and security,” all while they emulate the very madmen we overthrew last century.

(2) Racial Violence Bringing War

Polling on race relations in the United States was at all-time highs until Barack Obama and Eric Holder taught an entire generation of Americans to hate each other for the moral atrocities of distant ancestors. We were on our way to being a race-blind society. Now we are required by governing authorities to view everything through the lens of race. College admissions, health treatments, social welfare, job hiring, and even movie scripts are all explicitly race-based now — something that not only plainly is unconstitutional, but also was withering to extinction twenty years ago.

Racism is now both encouraged and practiced by the State. If it seems inexplicable that the U.S. government would actively encourage racial animosity among its citizens, then consider how successful it has been in its “divide and conquer” strategy to keep Americans from uniting together against an increasingly hostile and all-powerful national security Deep State. There’s a reason Democrats are quickly transitioning from a COVID-1984 pandemic to the absurdity of a “racism pandemic.” It is an evil game that allows them to divide Americans further while creating an even more expansive Big Government solution for controlling American lives.

Our politicians like race war. They need race war. Voilà: I give you Black Lives Matter.

(3) Communist Inflation Bringing Famine

Supply chain crises, product shortages, sky-high energy prices, and runaway inflation — these are the fruits of increasingly communist government agencies regulating success out of existence and redistributing property in the name of “fairness.” What businesses COVID-1984’s stifling edicts haven’t yet killed, Green New Deal blunt force will finish off. Why does government work so hard to impoverish its people? Because a weak and poor populace lacks the will to fight back. Government welfare is government enslavement. Cradle-to-grave dependence is just another name for indentured servitude. And the glamorous fantasies of communism’s endless promises always bring nothing but poverty, famine, and death.

(4) Climate Change Doomsayers Bringing Death

For over two hundred years, the Malthusians have been obsessed with controlling the world’s population. Eugenics, genocide, and abortion are a few of the evils they have wrought. Replacing the family with government is an easy and effective way for government to decide who may reproduce. Convincing people that hydrocarbon energy must be swapped for energies popular a thousand years ago is the surest way to hinder innovation, economic wealth, and generational growth. Brainwashing people into believing that the planet is about to die is the kind of psychological terror that coerces free people into subjugating themselves by handing total power to unscrupulous government thugs. How do you conquer a population? By convincing it that death is inevitable for the holdouts. It worked for the Khans of the Mongol empire. It is working on the devotees of “climate justice” today.

In essence, Big Government oligarchs have unleashed their own “four horsemen of the apocalypse” as a last-ditch attempt to strangle to death the rise of unprecedented individual freedom and personal power. Take a moment to ponder our reality. Technology has opened up the door for the flourishing of human liberty. Old Guard political and economic actors stand to lose everything. And whereas the growing capacity for self-government and individual sovereignty is naturally coming to fruition, globalists and collectivists are artificially doing everything they can to stop what cannot be stopped.

Why is tyranny exploding across the planet? Because everything necessary for a freedom renaissance is here. So buckle up!


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The 4 Horsemen Of The Left’s Artificial Apocalypse