Self appointed thugs patrol door of Poole Church with Police support.

In the second half of the programme on the 19th January 2022, at 1.00 in the video  – the story of All Saints, Branksome Park, Poole and the vicar Charlie Boyle and his wife Sarah, who spoke publicly against the vaccine.

The situation is escalating as the Church tries to drive out the vicar and his wife, currently on Sabbatical, and stop pro-life Christians from attending the Church.

It seems wrong that self appointed ‘gentlemen’ who are not church wardens or from the parish council are patrolling the church door, with Police back-up (requested by Church authorities), preventing unmasked people from entering the church to attend services.  They claim it is illegal not to wear a mask, which is itself illegal.  It’s not a great situation, you have to say.

What would Jesus do?  He’d drive the self appointed thugs away from his House with whatever it took, as he once did with the money-lenders and the animals which were there to be sacrificed.  The Church of England authorities don’t care about God any more, it’s pretty obvious.

Ask God to drive the Devil and his Demons out of this realm through prayer.

This is an attempt to set people against each other by the government, the BBC, and believe it or not, the Church authorities who are no longer part of God’s church, but the organisation of the Devil.  Sarah and Charlie need support.



3 Responses to “Self appointed thugs patrol door of Poole Church with Police support.”

  1. Tapestry says:

    I would ask UK Column not to use the term anti-v but pro-life.

  2. Mr Dude says:

    The south coast is a hotbed of satanism

  3. Mr Dude says:

    Need some Pompey fans to go sort them out ; )