SECRET SOCIETIES “To Destroy The Earth And Humanity!”

All secret societies worship Lucifer and their aim, is to destroy the earth and humanity.

They promote pseudo religion, to keep the masses under control. Why else would they have installed Pope Francis in the Vatican? He is openly a Mason and yet, performs ceremonies in a charade that support Christianity.

The key to understand, is that the symbolism of the Masonic “all seeing eye” is Lucifer. The pyramid printed on every dollar bill, denotes the Freemason structure with Lucifer at the top! The symbolism of “To divide and rule” has a Masonic compass which stands for the divider and the Masons’ square represents the ruler, it also puts Lucifer at the top!

The purpose of Luciferian engineering, is to destroy the earth and end civilization.

SOCIAL engineering is to destroy the family and society;
FINANCIAL engineering is to control commerce and incorporate wealth;
GENETIC engineering is to sever the link between heaven and earth;
MILITARY engineering is to destabilize countries;
LEGAL engineering is to accumulate political power and control the people;
BIO-engineering is to destroy and impair the natural immune system;
CYBER engineering is to create a megaverse based on unreality.

From the above, it is beyond evident that Luciferian engineering is incapable of providing anything that will benefit humanity.

The SUN, FAMILY and GOLD are nature’s binary! The sun, family and gold assure the complete freedom and well being of every person on the planet.

Without any need for a power elite’s hierarchy system and control over the issue of money, that impose bureaucratic fear and give monstrous favors to a few. The SUN, FAMILY and GOLD are absolute, self sufficient and objective, they do not require human laws or conventions!

The SUN assures a prolific ecology and ample healthy foods. The FAMILY and family values assures a civilized society with like minded good company. GOLD/silver held in the treasury to back the currency, is sovereign wealth that belongs to the people. When properly valued it naturally assures they have equitable and unlimited commercial opportunities.

In terms of human health, wealth and happiness, with such perfection all Homo sapiens prosper without the encumbrance of Luciferian engineering ideology!

Secret societies are waging a war for the souls and future of humanity, that means you have a soul choice to make. The corrupt need to be held to account and restitution of wealth needs to be made. All institutions that are engaged in genetic engineering, social engineering, financial engineering, pharmaceutical engineering, legal engineering, cyber engineering, geo-engineering and military engineering need to be dismantled.

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14 Responses to “SECRET SOCIETIES “To Destroy The Earth And Humanity!””

  1. nixon scraypes says:

    I don’t know where gold fits in here. Surely the credit worthiness of a nation rests in the constructive capacity of it’s population, not it’s ownership of a scarce mineral that may not be found among it’s natural resources?

  2. David 2 says:

    You are correct, society creates wealth just as a farmer creates produce. A politician or a banker does not create either food or wealth. Yet they dictate our lives by controlling the issue of money and controlling the legal process.

    Gold removes the banker and the politician. It removes wars because wars are costly and gold cannot be printed out of thin air. Gold holds the politicians to account.

    I could give you more reasons, however look at and scroll down to Copernicus.

    • ian says:

      please explain how gold holds politicians to account David.

      • David 2 says:

        Tyranny has to be financed!

        If you control the printing press then you finance politicians on the left and on the right. Divide and rule! Politicians are the second oldest profession and they are the most corrupt people on earth!

        Politicians practice legalism. Legalism made corporations possible and this allowed wealth to be incorporated. They also legalized central banks giving them legal power to issue all money. Central banks are private owned and they are fulfilling the dream of their owners to INCORPORATE all the land, all the wealth, etc., of the world for themselves.

        Two corporations Vanguard and Blackrock between them own 160 trillion in wealth, yet their owners are unidentifiable. The same people own Pfizer as own Johnson and Johnson and they own Merck and every other major pharmaceutical company. They own Cocoa Cola and Pepsi! Look no further than the members of the World Economic Forum.

        Under a gold standard this could never have happened, gold has a natural limited supply. Gold in treasury belongs to everyone, it is not for central banks to give it away to their owners to fulfill some biblical prophesy or fight useless wars to create multiculturalism in the the West or protect a tiny state in the Middle East.

        We have this idea that we need to have a hierarchy or some power elite to rule over us. Somehow Macron, Gates, Biden, Central bankers and Stock exchanges are necessary. Some even believe that when they die, they will be judged by a power elite for eternity.

        The Universe has supplied the Sun for sustenance, the Family for emotional values and sufficient gold to provide the means for commerce without the need for a power elite to decide our destiny.

        The ism in all ideology is Divide and Rule. This is not how the Universe works! We need to just live in the Universe and follow its laws. They are perfect and they are in accord with our DNA.

        The mRNA gene editing irreparably breaks our double strand DNA. We become genetically modified! It breaks that DNA link between heaven and earth. There is no greater evil. If you were Lucifer ie anti all that is good or God. Would you not employ this strategy? That is why this war is spiritual, it is a final play for the DNA code that makes us Homo sapiens and not a transhuman entity.

  3. ian says:

    I get that the Fed and central banks print money at interest, with no reserve to back it. That’s how those behind central banking are able to buy anyone or anything. They control the world today. They are trying to reduce world population to 500,000,000. Gold in unnecessary to control this. A country just needs to print it’s own money without interest, as Hitler did to rescue Germany from the financial mess it was left in after the contrived WW1. That didn’t go down well though, it need taught a lessen.

    The only answer is to get rid of the central banks and bankers, the WEF, the Pharmaceutical giants, the DAVOS crew et al. Then restart with people controlling their own countries.

    • David 2 says:

      There is a mob agenda and the mob you mention are the foot soldiers!

      With regard to money, you are correct to a point where economic law breaks down. Law should be natural and law is necessary to keep good order. it should not be confusing, for example it would be confusing to have more than one Sun, or perhaps more than one Family and more than one wealth measure.

      China did an economic miracle with unlimited money that they issued as debt. Now Evergrande is bankrupt and property values there will collapse. The house built on paper is good while it is standing but it cannot withstand natural economic law.

      It all comes down to energy. I see gold as offering stability. People in a stable environment have the energy to get on with their lives, they are creative, constructive and lay the foundations for the future.

      Debt based money is negative energy period! It is Luciferian and creates poverty and misery.

      Printing money is a short term solution.

      Gold needs to be highly valued and then prosperity flows. As Winston Churchill said when asked what he would like “Madam I am easily satisfied with the very best”.

      Gold is sovereign and precious, it is the monetary king of metals. With its natural role, good order follows. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. The Luciferians have painted gold as a barbaric relic, but you must understand that that is what they would say when they want monetarism to Divide and Rule.

      • David 2 says:

        All isms are Divide and Rule. The Masons have been around for a long time and as they say The Devil Never Sleeps!

      • ian says:

        I knew if I asked you David, you’d prattle on and on. You don’t half waffle about a load of crap.

  4. David 2 says:

    Thanks Ian, somebody has to say it!

    • ian says:

      It’s just banter David, don’t take it to heart. You’re you, I’m me, we’re all different. I mean, I’ve been catching moles this week for a local farmer. Don’t get me wrong, I really respect moles, they are fascinating and amazing creatures. I used to shoot but no longer do. We are all individuals with individual lives. You have your things that you like, me too, that’s what makes life interesting.

      Even though I was being cheeky it was banter, It’s how my lads treat me, and less so, me them. Take none of it to heart. I like you.

  5. David 2 says:

    We live on the borders of Italy and I remember when Berlusconi was president. He was busy chasing women, wheeling, dealing and enjoying the limelight. Meanwhile the black economy thrived, everyone prospered with cash and seemed to enjoy La Dolce Vita!

    Today in complete contrast we have a technocrat Mario Draghi imposing lockdowns, forced mandates, etc., all under Masonic orders.

    I was in Itay on Saturday and can assure you that business life there is miserable.

    There are no income taxes under a gold standard. Income tax came into being with the Federal Reserve in 1913 to pay the interest on the National debt. Since then the National debt has exploded. In a gold standard everyone gets on with living and bureaucrats are civil servants.

    Perhaps I am waffling, then again perhaps not.

  6. David 2 says:

    I envy your pastimes.

    How do you tell the difference between a weasel and a stoat?

    One is weesely recognisable and the other is stoately different!

    Guess you probably knew this.

    • ian says:

      Which baby animal would you like to be in the winter? A little otter. Yes they’re all fun to tell kids David that haven’t heard them. Why do elves sit on toadstools etc.