7 Responses to “RFK JR GETS ASKED HIS OPINION ON THE COVID VACCINE BEING GIVEN TO KIDS…… I wasn’t anticipating his answer, but it now makes perfect sense.”

  1. David 2 says:

    The last words he used about these vermin were THEY LIED!

    Hanging is the only solution.

  2. Weaver says:

    Sometimes there are no words to even describe this level of evil. Our local Doctor is still endorsing this vaccine as safe and effective.

    • Tapestry says:

      Boris Johnson has stood down COVID countermeasures nationally, but the school we deal with seems to be in a bigger panic now than ever, jumping to the tune of the tests that don’t work, sending out letters almost daily with big headline – COVID.

      • ian says:

        My son was at a funeral yesterday Tap’. He’s been pinged on his work phone about three Covid contacts in the pub after the funeral. I’ll bet it’s folks new way of skiving. Feeling too rough to go to work, so do a PCR and keep doing it, they’re free, till you get the result you want. Then of course, they’ll be classed as Cases.

    • ian says:

      And mine Weaver. She claims to have had all the doses and claims that her elderly parents who live in Turin have been vaxxed too. Braindead, stupid, I don’t know, but if she’s telling the truth, and I believe that she is, it makes you wonder how she had enough intellect to pass the exams, or is that just memory without critical thought. I’m at a loss.

  3. David 2 says:

    It almost feels like humanity, are slowly descending into hell.