Revealing the Secret of Macrocosmic Orbits and Microcosmic Orbits

The Universe is a sphere, which means all motion is circular. The ILLUSION that motion is linear has meant that for millennia, the basis of our understanding is incorrect and with it most of the models or ideologies we use.

“From which it seems to me one may reasonably conclude that for the maintenance of perfect order among the parts of the universe, it is necessary to say that moveable bodies are movable only circularly; if there are any that do not move circularly, these are necessarily immovable, nothing but rest and circular motion being suitable to the preservation of order.”  –  Galileo

Planetary orbits create macrocosmic energy.

In its cyclical orbit around the sun, the Earth moves at a speed of 66,627 miles per hour and takes about 365 days to travel 584 million miles! The Earth’s orbit around the sun, creates four different energy seasons. The energy of spring, summer, autumn and winter dictate the ecology and a myriad inhabitants respond to seasonal changes.

In electricity, the active or live current needs to have a passive or a neutral to provide electric voltage! Macrocosmic energy circulated by the orbiting planets, is the active or live force! Microcosmic energy circulated by the terrestrial forces, is the passive or neutral! 

The macrocosmic and microcosmic strands of energy are yin and yang, heaven and earth, active and passive! These two strands of energy combine to create and perpetuate all life on the planet.

Orbits also provide the measure of time:

The orbit of the Earth around the sun gives us a year;
The orbit of the moon around the Earth gives us a lunar month;
The rotation of the Earth on its axis gives us a day and night.
– Copernicus “On the Revolution of the Heavenly Spheres”

When regard to personal development, the macrocosmic energy circulated by orbital movements provide astrological energy patterns that we have yet to fully understand. For example, people born in different years or at different times of the year, exhibit certain traits or characteristics!

The most important astrological or macrocosmic event, has occurred and most humans are completely unaware. Like the magician who creates an illusion of chaos, people are being distracted by their leaders, the media and vested interests.

On December 28, 2020, we exited the two thousand year cycle of the age of Pisces or fish and entered the enlightened age of Aquarius. The age of Aquarius will last in excess of two thousand years.

Aquarius which has an avatar or symbol of waves, is described by astrologers as the age of knowledge and freedom. When as their rightful heritage, humanity take control of the Earth and their own destiny!

Due to ingrained indoctrination and subservience to a belief in linear motion, you can search every book or article written and perhaps never find the following astounding observable information:

“THERE ARE NO STRAIGHT LINES IN NATURE” This observation is all the more incredible, considering that billions of Homo sapiens have been around for thousands of years and the evidence is everywhere. The Universe has no exceptions, the binary of everything corresponds to a sphere and everything has a natural recurring cyclical movement!

Every natural shape from seeds, leaves, feathers, fruits, plants, insects, animals, fish, birds, humans down to a pebble on the beach has a degree of curvature. The circular law of nature is so precise that to draw a perfect straight line, requires a rule or another mechanical device. Whether we throw an object, or lift a cup to drink from, it always moves in an arc. Everywhere we look there are natural cyclical movements.

From the planets that continually rotate around the sun, the seasons that recur ad infinitum, the tides, day and night, the inhalation and exhalation of our breath, eyelids, heartbeat and all other bodily functions. Everything corresponds to a sphere: our eye sockets, jaws and body joints are curved so that they can move circularly, sound moves in waves, etc! When it comes understanding the wonders of nature “You cannot teach a person anything, only help him to find it within himself.”   – Galileo

What if we do not need corporate governance where a few gain enormous benefit from waging a never ending war on the innocent? What if we do not need corporate owned pompous politicians or misleading media and we do not need central banks with despicable debt finance? With the naturally prolific ecology, the social role of the family and refined golden economics, the world can and will easily thrive without them. 

It is not a coincidence that the sun, the moon, our planet and its rotation are spherical. Take a seed and you will find that it has a spherical shape. Place it in fertile soil with a good aspect and it will inevitably produce a plant with leaves, stem and roots that have a curvature shape. The plant will produce a crop which will inevitably contain multiple more seeds and these in turn, can be planted in fertile soil to continue this extraordinary prolific cycle of plant life ad infinitum. When all life is a cycle, it means that humans, animals, birds, insects, etc., will also perpetuate in their own way.

This is science and strange as it may seem at first, it is at odds with our belief. We do not consider the circle of life. If we did, then we would be dealing with fact and have no need for beliefs. It should come as no surprise to find that our beliefs create ideologies and they are unscientific nonsense. Every ideology requires an executive and this bureaucracy imposes the tyranny of countless rules, laws and regulations which remove our freedoms, while on the other hand they provide monstrous favors to a few. Living in an interconnected sphere, we have absolutely no need for ideologies. We have the sun to provide perpetual sustenance and vitamin D for our immune system, the family to provide a society with stable social values, plus gold as wealth in the treasury along with silver to finance a system of equitable prosperity.

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25 Responses to “Revealing the Secret of Macrocosmic Orbits and Microcosmic Orbits”

  1. ian says:

    This contradicts Newtonian gravitation laws. Planetary orbits are elliptical, due to gravitational forces within their orbits. Christopher Wren, Edmund Halley, and Robert Hook, assumed it to be so, but Christopher Wren got the job of picking Newton’s brains as he was to say the least, a tad difficult to deal with, but he had already carried out the calculations and proof of the phenomena.

    • ian says:

      OK Sadsville Arizona, I know, but I was lying in bed last night thinking, and I remembered that Isaac Newton discovered the inverse Sq law of gravity. That was what the other three needed confirming. It stated that Gravitational attraction between two bodies, is inversely proportional to the sq of the distance between them. Newton proved it mathematically, and the phenomena accounts for elliptical orbits.
      Now if ever you can’t sleep, at least you know someone’s head is full of more useless shit than yours is.

  2. David 2 says:

    Energy must be circulated to create and sustain life. Even if Obits are elliptical they will circulate energy.

    DNA is the genetic code. It has two strands that contain the instructions which an organism needs to develop, live and reproduce.

    It stand to reason that energy has two strands. The article explores these two strands.

    “Unity can only be manifested by the binary. Unity itself and the idea of unity are already two” – Buddha

  3. Tapestry says:

    The Age Of Aquarius is still 500 years away according to most astronomers. Yitzak Matanya (Newtown in Hebrew) ignored electricity and magnetism in deciding all was gravitational. Einstein put all down to mass and velocity. Yet electricity and magnetism explain all observable phenomena more simply. It is not the intention of the elites to permit us to know about electricity and magnetism, so they permit other notions to be propagated while those who would explain the universe electrically are sidelined.

  4. Michaeljames says:

    I don’t think this is relevant, but does anyone on here think death is anything to be frightened of? I’m 31 and I’m experiencing a lot of anxiety over it. What do people think?

    • Alan Vaughn says:

      …does anyone on here think death is anything to be frightened of?

      Apart from you Michael: probably not, but I can only speak for myself. And my answer is a resounding NO.
      You need to stop thinking about it, simply because it’s:
      a) unavoidable and
      b) can happen to anyone at anytime and,
      c) not a damn thing anyone can do about it, if the time do die comes around earlier than we expected.
      There is an almost infinite list of things that could bring about a premature departure from our mortal coil.
      We’re only alive now, owing to our God-given survival instinct, which is largely an autonomic function – part of the central nervous system and why we MUST feel pain. It all works to keep us safe – avoiding things that are likely to hurt us. Most people don’t even think about staying alive – they just do. Survival instinct is very powerful. Most humans and animals too for that matter, are too busy doing things to make life as comfortable and preferably, as pleasant for themselves and others, as they can. This phenomenon is often referred to as ‘living’.

      If you STOP living and instead start worrying about what you cannot possibly know let alone change (i.e. the moment you will die), you will probably kill yourself with anxiety related problems.
      Life is so short, even if you live up to God’s planned expiry date. That might be 50 years, maybe >100 years, but who knows? So stop worrying about it. It will do you no good at all. You cannot change the future, but you can at least plan to do something GOOD towards shaping your desired future. Try to do helpful and pleasant things in the time you have and assume you are going to be around forever…Make the most of your life and do the things that make you positive and HAPPY… Worrying about what you cannot change will NEVER accomplish that state of mind and spirit.

      Can’t say much about what other people think, but it’s what I think.
      Find something POSITIVE to do – something that makes you happy, just to focus on something worthwhile to set your mind on something constructive that will keep you occupied and active – something to look forward to, no matter how simple it might be.
      Don’t think about doom and gloom – leave that to the terrified, brain-dead TV indoctrinated sheep who are all lining up for their overpopulation cure booster jabs. They’re all experts at being morbid, miserable & moronic slaves.

      I envy you Michael I wish I was still 31 years old.. I’m now 63 and I don’t worry about dying. If my time comes early, so be it.
      Worrying about death won’t help me to live until I’m 102 years old and die by being murdered by some jealous, 30 something year old husband.
      That’s when and how I hope to die.
      Of course it won’t happen, but I can at least hope and TRY.

  5. danceaway says:

    Michaeljames, your body is only your physical vehicle, as Ian R Crane often said.Your soul is eternal. So “you” never die. Your soul/spirit moves on.

    I suggest you go to, or, and listen to some of Ian’s presentations. Ian left his physical vehicle nearly a year ago now; in one of his talks, before he was so very ill, he admitted that he was actually looking forward to passing over as then he would know he had fulfilled his soul contract. Look up soul contracts in duck duck go, or even you tube, and begin learning; this should help to ease your anxiety.

  6. Michaeljames says:

    Thanks danceaway. I was wondering whether you yourself are worried about dying?

  7. danceaway says:

    I only worry for my family and any impact on them, but not for myself, since I know we each have a soul contract, and we may have agreed our time of departure before incarnating. And there are two souls in particular whom I am looking forward to reuniting with.

  8. Michaeljames says:

    Do you think that souls walk the earth?

    • Gordon says:

      My brother was getting ready for school one day and asked my mother “What’s it like to die”. My mother replied, “Well, it’s like this son, when you are born you don’t know that you have come into the world and when you die you don’t know you have departed from it.” Later that day after returning from school he learned that our mother had died.

      My mother is now in her grave and knows nothing more of her earthly life until the day of the resurrection. In that instance it will be like she was dead one second and alive the next but in reality had been dead many years. Ecclesiastes 9:5 states: For the living know that they shall die; but the dead know not anything, neither have they any more a reward; for the memory of them is forgotten. Therefore the dead are dead and can do nothing physical or spiritual.

      Regarding the resurrections of which there are three see;

      Regarding “souls”.

      I think by the word souls you mean spirits. I say that because the word soul is translated from the Hebrew word “Nephesh” which means a living being, animal, or if you like, that which breaths. See:

      However, you ask “Do you think that “spirits roam the earth?”” and I’d have to say yes. See:

      If you ever feel you’re being troubled by a spirit of the dead (demon) simply say to yourself, or aloud, “I belong to Jesus Christ or Jesus Christ is my Lord be off with you,” and feel the release.

      I do hope this helps.

      • Tapestry says:

        The dead are not dead Gordon, and they can communicate with us if they wish to visually, through sound, electrically and even through touch. Many have experienced this. I have several times, and have received messages as I describe in the penultimate chapter of my autobiography. Angels & Devils. They manifest if they have hope. Many dead souls need help if they are trapped by demonic presence, and if they manifest they are eith helping you, or asking you to help them, or if demonic they are hurting you. Why the world ignores the dead, I can;t say – except we are clearly culturally programmed to look away – by entertainment, by the church and so on. Praying to Jesus Christ can move demons on. This is the help the treapped souls require.

  9. Michaeljames says:

    I read a comment on Bitchute saying the unvaccinated have a few months to live due to shedding. I’m really worried. What does everyone think?

  10. David 2 says:

    Death is not something to fear!

    Because you read or hear something does not make it true. Nobody knows for certain the full fallout from the vaccines.

    I would suggest taking Vitamin D, Quercetin and zinc, especially when around vaccinated people. I would also recommend these to anyone who has been vaccinated. They boost the natural immune.

  11. David 2 says:

    Yes, now add Vitamin D3 4,000 IU and 25mg Zinc, then your immune should be well protected.

    My wife spends more time with vaccinated people than I do and she had been picking up some sheding. This protocol has worked for her.

    One of my vaccinated daughters recently got Covid and this protocol worked to clear the virus from her system.

    Hopefully it will keep you safe.

  12. David 2 says:

    I just looked at the Quercetin bottle and the tablets are 500mg.

    • Michaeljames says:

      David, when you say I should take Vitamin D, zinc and quercetin, do you mean capsules and tablets?

      • David 2 says:

        I am not a doctor. I guess that anyway or by any means will probably be OK! The Vitamin D3 seems to be a capsule and the others are tablets.

        It is a recommended protocol that helps the natural immune. So no worries.

      • danceaway says:

        Vitamin D3 is also available in liquid form, sometimes lioposomal, which is best absorbed.
        Excellent company, who also run holistic clinic in Barnet. Sign up for Mark Lester’s newsletter, too. So informative.

  13. Michaeljames says:

    I read a comment on Bitchute saying the unvaccinated have a few months to live due to shedding. I’m really worried. What does everyone think?