Reiner Fuellmich in Brussels, Pre-Trial

ER Editor: Reiner Fuellmich is now in Brussels; the much anticipated trial, wrongly labelled ‘Nuremberg 2.0’, is due to start later this week. Here are a couple of short interviews he’s given over the weekend. They’re done by French interviewers, but nobody needs to know another language except English.

We’ve provided detailed notes for the 2nd video, where Reiner gives us an interesting insight into some different legal systems around the world. India’s and South Africa’s judiciaries are LESS corrupt than certain ones in Europe, for example.



(Ignore the first 30 seconds in French as independent journalist Richard Boutry introduces Fuellmich.)

In this video Fuellmich reveals that his team knows the Big Pharma companies are experimenting on us with lethal doses of the Covid vaccines. He also says the idea of “Nuremberg 2.0” is an invented concept, likely designed as a psyop (our word). He does elaborate on the concept of Operation Paperclip so as to better explain what “Nuremberg” actually means. He’s informed, very. The last question concerns Novak Djokovich, that there are three ‘stars in France today – Kennedy (JFK), Djokovich and Reiner Fuellmich. Fuellmich, in fact, would very much like to speak to Djokovich, that it’s important to get heroes from real life, such as top sports people.





  • The side effect or spillover of his committee’s work with some key, expert witnesses is that lawyers all over the world got in touch with him (starting from late in 2020). That’s when he learned about the fakery of the PCR test. His firm filed several law suits against the PCR test in Germany. This is the most successful basis on which to challenge the whole ‘plandemic’. There has been no pandemic, basically. The other lie is ‘asymptomatic infections’. So they put together their own lawsuits and helped international colleagues do the same, putting them in touch with these same experts.
  • The South African constitutional court seems to be independent. In Europe, there is a corrupt judiciary – it’s just part of judges having a career; it doesn’t mean they’re taking payment, however. We can’t trust our judiciaries, so we need a new one, just as we need new systems of law, healthcare, education, economics, etc.
  • Our suit is a ‘model lawsuit’ (of a new type), showing everyone that we have to take matters in our own hands, that it can be done. This lawsuit is still using a grand jury investigation, which is a foot in the old system. But once we have indictments, there will be a real trial obtaining justice for the people by the people. It’s a new system. We have people working on this in the US, on the continent of Africa, and in pretty much all of the other places, too. But the key thing is to give people an idea of the whole picture through a legal proceeding, supported by REAL experts, where they can make up their own minds.
  • India is far ahead of us, and perhaps some of the eastern European countries. India is far less corrupt than our judiciary. Their system still seems to be functioning. A criminal complaint for murder against Bill Gates was filed about 2 weeks ago. It’s being taken very seriously. He could be facing the death penalty. It’s true that Bill Gates was exposed in India in 2017 – this is not fake news. The follow-up there is the judicial proceeding against him. This is a criminal trial.
  • 20-30 lawyers working with Fuellmich will be presenting the evidence starting this week. But just today, he joined forces with 40 other lawyers from Luxembourg and around 100 from France. More are coming in from Italy – this is only the start.

Reiner and Chloe then join the large demonstration that took place in Brussels yesterday. See this RT video of the march.



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Reiner Fuellmich in Brussels, Pre-Trial [VIDEOS]

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