Official Numbers: 95.58% of Omicron Cases – Fully Vax’d!

Hal Turner – The Hal Turner Radio Show Jan 2, 2022

The OFFICIAL Numbers are starting to come out concerning the so-called OMICRON variant of COVID, and these numbers tell quite a story.  People who TOOK the COVID Vax are in GREAT DANGER!

In Germany, the Robert Koch Institute reveals 95.58% of OMICRON infection cases, are in the FULLY VACCINATED.   Only 4.42% in Un-Vaccinated.

So the fears that the mRNA Gene-therapy “jabs” masquerading as a “vaccine” against COVID, would actually make people worse by damaging their immune systems, is coming into view for all the world to see.

Those who TOOK THE VACCINES are now in great danger because the vaccine will make the OMICRON virus WORSE when it strikes a vaccinated person.

Doctors, Scientists, Researchers, and Government Officials ALL KNEW this could happen; they just didn’t tell YOU.

So over the past year as they’ve been pushing you to get jabbed, your Governor, your State Health Commissioner, your County Politicians and County Health Officials, your local Mayor and/or other local health officials  . . .  who have been out there on TV, on radio and in newspapers, telling YOU to “take the vaccine,” and claimed it was “safe and effective” . . . these people all KNEW there was a very real chance that the vaccine could actually make things worse.  They just didn’t bother to tell YOU.

Even the vaunted Dr. Anthony Fauci KNEW this kind of thing could happen with the mRNA jabs, he even said so on TV!   In the news video below Fauci admits vaccines can actually make people worse!!!!   Here. Watch:

Now, according to the Robert Koch Institute in Germany, OMICRON is slamming the vaccinated far worse and far more deadly, than even the unvaccinated.

Hospital cases in Germany show  95.58% of the people in hospital, who are seriously ill or even dying, are ALL “double vaxed.”  Even worse, twenty-eight percent of those double-vaxed, are also “Boosted” with a THIRD dose . . . and now they’re sick, in hospital, and some are dying.

Here is the original, German-language report (SOURCE)

The vaccine seems to have made vaccinated people MORE SUCCEPTIBLE to the effects of the virus.

Believe it or not, Doctors and Scientists have known about this for so long, and have seen it so many times, there’s actually a medical term for when this happens: Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE).

According to the web site of Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia: (Source)

Immune responses to pathogens involve many cells and proteins of the immune system. Early during an infection, these responses are non-specific, meaning that although they are directed at the pathogen, they are not specific to it. This is called innate immunity. Within a few days, adaptive immunity takes over; this immunity is specific to the invading pathogen. Adaptive immune responses include antibodies. A major goal of antibodies is to bind to the pathogen and prevent it from infecting, or entering, a cell. Antibodies that prevent entry into cells are called neutralizing antibodies. Many vaccines work by inducing neutralizing antibodies. However, not all antibody responses are created equal. Sometimes antibodies do not prevent cell entry and, on rare occasions, they may actually increase the ability of a virus to enter cells and cause a worsening of disease through a mechanism called antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE).

What is ADE?

ADE occurs when the antibodies generated during an immune response recognize and bind to a pathogen, but they are unable to prevent infection. Instead, these antibodies act as a “Trojan horse,” allowing the pathogen to get into cells and exacerbate the immune response.

Importantly, when a vaccinated person subsequently gets infected, this is not automatically evidence of ADE. Specifically, if a vaccinated person gets infected with the pathogen against which the vaccine protects, three different scenarios can occur:

  1. Mild illness – In this scenario, the person may experience some symptoms, but they are more of an inconvenience and last only a few days (typically about 1-3 days). For many respiratory and gastrointestinal infections (e.g., influenza, COVID-19, and rotavirus), this is common. These mild symptoms are evidence that the vaccine worked.
  2. “Breakthrough illness” – Traditionally, this term has been reserved for vaccinated people who get more severely ill, requiring hospitalization or experiencing untoward outcomes, such as disease complications (e.g., pneumonia) or death. In this case, the vaccine may not have worked at all or it did not induce high enough levels of immunity to effectively stop an infection.
  3. ADE – In this scenario, the antibodies that the vaccine generated actually help the virus infect greater numbers of cells than it would have on its own. In this situation, the antibodies bind to the virus and help it more easily get into cells than it would on its own. The result is often more severe illness than if the person had been unvaccinated. ADE can occur after disease and has on occasion been identified following vaccination, as described below. Any vaccine that has been found to cause ADE has stopped being used or, more recently as described below for dengue vaccine, been recommended only for those who will not be affected by ADE. Evidence of ADE has not emerged for COVID-19 vaccines even though concerns have been raised.

So where does this leave the vaccinated?   Potentially, in BIG trouble.

The vaccinated seem to be at far greater risk now BECAUSE they took the vaccines.   Their immune systems have been “taught” by the mRNA vaccines, to respond to this outbreak a certain way, but the virus, having encountered the vaccine in others, adapted to get around the vaccine so it could survive. The vaccinated actually caused this mutation, CAUSED this new variant.

And now that the immune systems of the vaccinated have been “taught” to handle the virus a specific way, that way is now . . . wrong.

The vaccinated must now take far greater precautions than the un-vaccinated.  Because if an un-vaxed person catches OMICRON, their immune system will handle it like it handles any other disease.   But if a VACCINATED person catches OMICRON, their immune system will handle it wrong, and they will get far sicker and perhaps die.

Hal Turner Remarks: —

I have told my radio audience for months to stay away from these mRNA vaccines.   I pointed out the technology was unproven and one of the companies that developed these vaccines (Moderna) had never once successfully brought a vaccine to market.

I warned my audience that these vaccines were experimental, that safety trials KILLED all the animals in the animal study part of the trials.

I warned my audience that the vaccines would alter their DNA and/or damage their immune systems.   Now, it seems my warnings were right on the mark.

You should have listened.  Now, who knows what will happen . . . to literally millions of you who foolishly believed the song and dance being put out by politicians, and went and got jabbed with experimental genetic therapy that had not undergone proper testing or full clinical trials.


The question now is what can you do?   And another question some people may start asking themselves, it what should be done with politicians and public health officials that sold the public a bill of goods that was . . . deadly?

What should be done with all the company bosses who “mandated” you take these vaccines?

A lot of people bear gigantic responsibility for pushing other around, coercing them, even forcing them to take these experimental shots.   Now, what is to be done with all these bigmouth corporate executives, Boards of Directors, Deans of Students at Colleges?

What about all those Boards of Education that voted to demand YOUR CHILD take this experimental vaccine that they may now die from?

What should YOU do with people who, instead of minding their own business, misused their position, to force YOU to take a vaccine that may very well now kill you?


Official Numbers: 95.58% of Omicron Cases – Fully Vax’d!


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