1. Gordon says:

    This was a Dutch demonstration against government lockdown rules around the middle of March last year.

    Of points of interest note how the two pigs beating the crap out of the demonstrator are encircled and protected by other pigs in the event that should anyone come forward to help will be met and dealt the same treatment.
    Furthermore, also note that the pigs are armed with batons, pistols and teargas, not to mention the dog and that they are totally padded protected from head to foot. Boots will no doubt have steel toecaps to inflict extra pain while the victim is down.

    All in all, understand that when governments send out personnel armed and protected to the hilt to quell peaceful resistance, which incidentally is paid for by you the tax payer, there is something far wrong, this is not democracy it is tyrannical and dictatorial. Where is the debate? Where is the vote? If we truly lived in a free and democratic society there would be no need for this brutality.

    See link below.


  2. nixon scraypes says:

    Coming to a street near you very soon, unless…..

  3. David 2 says:

    The message is to comply and be Vaxx raped, or have the sh*t beaten out of you.

    Optimism is saying to a violent serial rapist “I am peaceful and I do not consent”

  4. ian says:

    They never seem to have trouble recruiting arseholes who will happily beat folks half to death. Dogs??, dogs are a terror weapon. They can reasonably be used to look for scent, when tracking, or to attack an armed attacker thus saving officer’s lives. They should never be used as offensive weapons. They cause horrible deep wounds which generally become infected. Strikes with batons too should be used to gain control, not as punishment.

    This is or should be proof that we are being funnelled into a dictatorial style control system. Information on individual officers should be sought, and used to intimidate them. This is not policing, it is war against the people. Police brutality might deter some protesters, but could wake up the masses.

  5. ian says:

    I might add, that if they are going to class us all as the enemy, we can do the same.

    • archer says:

      They are the enemy and have been for a long time. Nothing more than a modern day praetorian guard.