More evidence the Covid narrative is collapsing

The WHO is asking countries to lift travel bans and restrictions, as well as lifting requirements for travelers to be vaxxed

Watch “them” start apologizing to avoid being lynched. Sad thing is that people are probably suckers enough to forgive them. That is definitely a weakness an enemy will exploit.


One Response to “More evidence the Covid narrative is collapsing”

  1. Tapestry says:

    It seems reassuring that travel bans are being lifted etc. Yet is this because they’ve loaded the people with Graphene Oxide ready to pull the 5G kill switch, and then will reimpose them at far greater intensity once death rates skyrocket? Just trying to be cheerful. Face your worst fears. Deal with them. Then move on. Phone mast signals are linear so the tops of hills are worst and valleys the best, as a rule, depending on mast locations. Street lamp 5G installations have shorter ranges, so keep away from roads with street lamps if you can.