Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist proves Covid-19 Vaccines have caused huge increase in Miscarriages and Stillbirths

Dr. James Thorp, a maternal fetal medicine specialist, has revealed that COVID-19 vaccines are causing massive pregnancy loss.

Thorp noted that there has been a massive spike in the number of deaths and pregnancy losses associated with the COVID injections compared with the other vaccines. He presented six slides, including data from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

“You look at the massive disparity in the deaths per month from all of these various vaccines. The COVID vaccine has much higher [deaths per month] than all other vaccines,” Thorp said. The doctor presently living in Florida also took note of the high number of fetal malformations associated with COVID vaccination, which he said is also massive compared to all other vaccinations.

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Thorpe also presented a slide showing pregnancy loss associated with the COVID vaccine, which includes miscarriage, stillbirth and fetal death. He said that the data showing the massive number of pregnancy losses from the COVID vaccination and pregnancy compared to all other vaccinations is stunning. (Related: STUDY: Covid “vaccines” kill nine out of 10 babies in first trimester of pregnancy.)

The maternal fetal medicine specialist also pointed out that aside from fetal death and fetal malformation, babies exposed to vaccines before birth will have permanent lifelong damages, including cognitive brain disability, permanent immunological disability and a variety of autoimmune diseases.

“It’s horrible, disastrous. And if that weren’t bad enough, the vaccine appears to suppress some of the normal immune surveillance. So it has unleashed a large number of very rare cancers in newborns and infants in the first year of life,” Thorp said.

“Preliminary data would suggest that there could be permanent consequences in the babies that actually survive this poisonous jab. I don’t call it a vaccine. And those babies that survive may have lifelong mental disability, CNS [central nervous system] cognitive disability, lifelong immunological disability resulting in an increase in number of infections and increase in rare cancers. It is also associated with lifelong autoimmune disease.”

Thorp, who is focused on getting back healthcare freedom, said Americans should never trust medical and healthcare personnel in America.

“Your listeners should never trust any physician, including myself. Don’t ever trust a physician anywhere or a nurse anywhere in the United States of America because they won’t tell you the truth. They’re under a gag order,” Thorp pointed out.

“If they tell you the truth they’ll lose their livelihood. So you don’t trust them. Don’t trust anybody. They have destroyed the healthcare system. Nobody trusts these crooks, and nobody should.

“And if that weren’t bad enough, the whole issue of the Hippocratic Oath of informed consent – it’s all null and void. We can’t give fair informed consent to anybody. We’re under a gag order. You should not believe your physician, do not believe any healthcare worker.”

Thorp added that he wants to destroy “the cartel that has taken away all of our freedom and healthcare freedom in the United States of America.”

According to the Florida doctor, the cartel that he is talking about are the corrupt pharmaceutical companies and healthcare system that are getting massive federal kickbacks for poisoning and killing patients. He also included the insurance companies and medical journals that have become fraudulent.

“It’s a horrible, dirty mess and it all comes down to money,” Thorp lamented.