2 Responses to “Mass murderer admits “We had a collaboration with some Chinese communists er communist scientists”!”

  1. Gordon says:

    Have you ever noticed that when this poisoned dwarf talks it’s usually a rebuttal and when he does try to speak the science it’s usually waffle.

  2. Aldous says:

    It’s not exactly a ‘Freudian Slip’ because I can’t make out what the mass-murdering genocidal maniac nearly said. Anyone help me out?
    When Obama referred to Michelle(sic) as Michael is a classic Freudian Slip.
    Who would wish to trade places with this anti-Munchkin who is not in the least endearing? Follow the rainbow-brick road?
    Wasn’t Judy Garland great in that dodgy film? Buddy Ebsen originally played the Tin Man but had to bow out as he had a severe reaction to the silver paint. He made a comeback in Beverly Hillbillies for which he is most famous.
    The first Rainbow that ever appeared – allegedly and Biblically – was after The Great Flood and Noah’s Ark.
    Satanists chose their f’ing rainbow flag for fags and dykes as a deliberate affront to God who will revenge it.