Mark Sexton Speaks in Front of Parliament – Citizen Groups Approach Police and Vaccine Centres

ER Editor:  We have three videos below. The first is Mark Sexton speaking before a crowd near the UK Parliament building on January 19, 2022. We’ve provided notes for most of his speech, which lasts around 30 minutes. Below that, an activist speaks to policeman Stephen Winn at a police station somewhere in Leicestershire, and in another video from December, a group of activists go to a vaccination centre in Eastbourne, where they speak to a group of police and a doctor at the site.

We do recommend listening to the totality of Mark Sexton’s speech, where he invokes principles of Common Law, which places the people above law enforcement.


Mark Sexton Speaks Before a Crowd at the Houses of Parliament, January 19, 2020


(33 minutes) PCR test is a scam done via NHS using too many cycles; SAR-CoV-2 virus was never isolated, not proven to exist. On this basis, the whole pandemic is a fraud. Therefore, Coronavirus Act of 2020 is illegal and criminal.

Experts have been silenced in media. Lockdowns meant the elderly were left to die alone. There has always been ivermectin, zinc, HCQ, vit D and vit C. IV Vit C has 100% success rate treating CV. All treatments have been hidden from us by our govts. ‘Shame on you!!’ chant the crowd. All they wanted to do was force a vaccine on the population with no mention of how to take care of ourselves. Vaccine rollout is causing evident harm and death. All of this considering there is a 99.6% chance of recovery with Covid. The double vaxxed are filling up hospitals and testing positive for Covid, proving vaccines don’t work and are more deadly than virus.

On March 19, 2020 the UK govt downgraded Covid as a high consequence infectious disease because of low mortality, yet lockdown still occurred days later. The fear and terror from this time has killed our elderly, destroyed our economy, and caused a lot of suicide. But the most devastating effect has been on the children. Children have been mentally abused, having been told they are ‘killing grandma’. Yet it turns out that the govt has been killing grandma with Midazolam. Our elderly were given DNR orders, buried and cremated with no autopsies. There are as many of 100,000 victims over the age of 65 years of genocide.

We don’t want this so we’re withdrawing our consent to this government. ‘Freedom, Freedom!” ‘You are not fit to govern me, my friends and family … you are not fit for purpose. You are not welcome. Leave! We are here to instruct the constables to arrest Boris Johnson, Matt Hancock, Nadhim Zahawi, Priti Patel, Patrick Vallance, Chris Whitty, Michael Gove and Dominic Rabb.’ These are the most serious crimes ever committed by a govt against its people. We employ these constables and give consent to them that they carry out their duties without fear or favour. We ask them to enter Parliament and take those mentioned into custody and conduct a thorough, transparent criminal investigation into the crimes they are responsible for committing. ‘Do your job! Do your job!’  The crimes have been going on unabated since March 2020. (He lists their crimes.) ‘Treason! Treason!’ We demand that this is done now and without delay. (He discusses some of their evidence base, coming from some influential figures.) He discusses the hypocrisy of the policy NOT applied to elites and other officials whereas ordinary people are limited and locked down. ‘One rule for them, a different rule for us!’

‘I am a free living man; I have sovereignty as a free man. I am not a slave to this corrupted system and I will not be subjugated. Police constables, do your job! Do your job! Do your job! You swore an oath without fear or favour, independent of government, to protect us from harm, injury and loss. So far, you have failed. But today, our brothers and sisters who wear that uniform, we love you, we need you and we want you to do your job. No matter what, protect our children today!’

He discusses utility of citizen’s arrest mechanism. Constables work for us so people are the higher authority. We have our rights from birth given to us by God; they will not be taken away from us by government or any man or woman. All police property and govt buildings – we own it. All courts and jurisdictional buildings, we own it! (He mentions setting up common law courts, a right which is in the hands of the people.) What if we vote in some of our own laws? These will be accepted by millions of people in the UK. The first law that we the people will pass today will be to stop those in public office committing harms against the people of the UK. (There is a problem with the video around the 26th minute.) … He names different laws that should be passed. Law no. 6, to stop Agenda 21. Law no. 7, to open up all NHS establishments for patient care. Law no. 8, put in place an emergency govt fit for purpose that supports the needs of the people. Law no. 9, to cancel all court cases in relation to any breach of the Coronavirus Act and any fines in relation to the right to protest. Law no. 10, to refund in full all people and businesses fined under the Coronavirus Act. Law no. 11, to remove all stickers and screens in every shop, bank, public space, public transport that support mask wearing and social distancing, etc. Law no. 12, to all police, we are voting this law in NOW. There are more here than the 650 in there (points to Parliament) – we have the majority. Law no. 12 of the people today – to make a national broadcast to the people of the UK on all media channels, to announce the removal of all restrictions in relation to Covid.

We will give you back your consent to police when this has been accomplished in full. The police work for the people. We the people, who obey the laws of the land, will remain steadfast until this nightmare is brought to a peaceful end. …


(18 minutes) Police constable (or detective?) Stephen Winn (badge 1524) is interviewed by an activist at his police station (somewhere in Leicestershire), who spells out the nature of the case against vaccine centres and the responsibility of the police within their individual jurisdictions. She reads carefully from documents on her computer.



(13 minutes) Vaccine Centre in Eastbourne. Video taken in December 2021. Previously, their documents and notice of liability had been served at a doctor’s office. Activists discuss the Notice of Liability served on people by them. Activists confront the doctor of the vaccine centre; we see a police constable respond to the group, who was then threatened with arrest by members of the activist team. We see no arrests take place.



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  1. ian says:

    I always think, and feel free to disagree, but when these groups/teams, whatever they should be called, go round serving their paperwork to/on doctors etc, that the the rest of them should shut TF up. It really sounds cheap and tacky, again, my opinion, when there are people in the background shouting freedom, or Nuremberg, etc. They sound like kids.