16 Responses to “Kevin Boyle, How did this get on the BBC.”

  1. Gordon says:

    Oh, it’s a cracker. More like that if you please.

    Good link Ian if get my drift!

  2. Aldous says:

    Q: “How did this get on the BBC.”

    A: It got on the BBC because the BBC wanted it to get on there.

    It’s so painfully obvious that the Beebstards wanted this to air and Fiona Bruce – one of the ‘tribe’ for sure with a name like that and her Jewish looks – allowed it to happen. Her body language looks like acting (she isn’t an actor so it looks like acting) and I wouldn’t be surprised if the guy in question isn’t a crisis actor.

    I think Kev Boyle – who I have the greatest respect for – has been cleverly duped by this. Maybe he wasn’t duped at all but just wanted to get the video out there. Dupes work both ways after all.

    Perhaps the taxpayer-funded BBC is desperately trying to appear an impartial media platform, which the Marxist scumbags most certainly are not.
    Watch out for Sky News(sic) etc pulling a similar stunt any time soon. The sheeple are waking up a little and they are getting a tad nervous about it.

    • nixon scraypes says:

      Did you see his article about films not being scheduled in cinemas after a certain date? I looked up the local cinema and it was not so. Surely he could have done the same? something funny going on.

  3. Mr Dude says:

    The BBC idiots are afraid of being dragged from their homes and scalped.

  4. pete fairhurst says:

    More to the point then WHEN did this get on the BBC? It sounds like this was sometime in 2020 to me. If so then, it is ancient news by todays standards

    Do we have a broadcast date?

  5. paullewis says:

    it was back in 2020 from memory

  6. Aldous says:

    Didn’t Jill Dando work for the BBC and try to expose Savile for the pedo monster that he was then got murdered for it?
    I wonder what the likes of Fiona Bruce are up to working for such a devil corporation?
    There is no doubt that the BBC is a massive criminal outfit and operation. Drug gangs are positively squeakily clean by comparison. The BBC has millions of deaths on its bloodied taxpayer-funded hands.
    Why anyone would subscribe to it is beyond me.

  7. Aldous says:

    I vaguely remember her fiancé being elevated to to the Queen’s doctor or something after she was got rid of.
    Was he fingered as a spook plant to keep an eye on Dando because Savile was protected at the very highest levels?
    I suppose if you get in bed with the devil BBC for whatever reason you have to accept the risks involved.
    Jill Dando shot in the head on her doorstep Forever Young.
    I think the spooks tried to obfuscate the now obvious state murder with some charitable appeal/broadcast that she made about the conflict in the rump Yugoslavia and a NATO attack on a Serbian broadcaster which had killed dozens of people.
    I can’t remember where the Bulsara guy came into it but he was released some years later.
    Even Queen’s Freddy Mercury got dragged into it because of the Bulsara connection.
    You couldn’t make this up. How on Earth do the spooks get away with it?

    • pete fairhurst says:

      Alan Farthing is his name Alan. Here is is Wiki:


      He handled the birth of Kate Gold digger Smiths production of the heir to the throne too. Probably a surrogate involved in reality. A safe pair of hands is spooky Farthing

      He’s an obvious spook ,so his presence calls into question the whole Dando farrago. How do we know what really happened to her? We don’t. Her story is suspect to my mind. Did she really die? Or is/was she a spook too?

      • ian says:

        Hi pete, I always thought that Jill was real. I never watched her shows, but after her “murder”, I read of links to Paula Yates/ Peaches Geldof, and Rik Mayall, all attempting to expose the BBC’s Jimmi Saville connection. Now all four are dead. Possibly Farthing was told to “get along” with Dando, with a view to being an insider. Will we ever know for sure?

      • pete fairhurst says:

        Hi Ian, I didn’t watch her shows either and I always assumed that the story of her death was real too

        But I was comparatively naive then. Now my default mode is to question such big stories and demand more proof. The very heavily promoted media stories are often deceptions of some sort. When the media speaks in unison then, I’m on the alert for lies and deceptions. Everything in the main media is suspect for me now. I never automatically believe them

        I’ve probably read too much of Miles Mathis 😉

      • ian says:

        Yes pete, I must admit, we can only try to fathom out our own opinions on the truth. The MSM is certainly not an option for info.

  8. Aldous says:

    We need to get closer to some spirituality if we are going to defeat this unholy monster of satanic Zionism etc. Keyboard Warrior stuff and Peaceful Protests are mega important but won’t work on their own.
    I bumped into an Arab friend yesterday and gave him the heart, lips, mind, salutation – without even thinking about it – which is the equivalent of us Westerners shaking hands I suppose. He returned the gesture and we shook hands as well.
    He had some of my tonic as he doesn’t do alcohol but we had a great half hour together reminiscing about times gone by.
    Everyone seems to be struggling through and dealing with this Zionist created nightmare as best they can.

    • ian says:

      Do you watch the BBC a lot then Aldous?

      • Aldous says:

        Hi Ian. Of course BBC digital and satellite transmissions aren’t available here but iPlayer is, providing one isn’t using a VPN which the iPlayer usually detects and blocks – or so I’m told. I can’t be bothered with that stuff to be honest and usually only watch TV to watch a DVD.
        I know a lot of the names in UK broadcasting and Jill Dando was one of them. I was out of country when the news broke of her death and I was shocked to hear of it. I know she handed a dossier in to her malevolent bosses on Savile which probably sealed her fate.
        Rik Mayall hated Savile and was the main star in a heavily suppressed 2014 film One By One. This film probably sealed Rik Mayall’s fate.
        I think they tried to silence Rik Mayall in April 1998 regarding his ‘too much interest’ in Savile’s shenanigans. The quad bike ‘accident’ missed but a year later in April 1999 they got Jill Dando.
        I can’t explain why Rik Mayall (was allowed to) soldier on for another 15 years but his participation in One By One seems to have been the last straw for the spooks. Perhaps the quad bike incident was a warning to him to back off from Savile?