It appears every victory gained yesterday has been diminished or reversed today – it’s a psychological game

That’s a “wear’em out” abuse tactic. The government is behaving just like a brain wash abuser. Hand a perceived victory over and then jerk it away. Both Canada and the U.S. are doing this. At least Australia’s usurpers were more honest, they just shoved it up everyone’s butts and said deal with it. Australia skipped the manipulative “oh we gave a little now here’s more” mind games.

I guess they are making it very clear where all this is headed, pandemic or no pandemic you HAVE TO receive a shot. One that is proven to be NOT for Covid because if it was, at least a couple of them would have worked. How do you have CanSino, Johnson and Johnson, Sputnik, Astra Zeneca, Pfizer, Moderna, BioNtech, Comirnaty, Jannsen and more ALL fail to treat Covid AT ALL? There’s only one way. They were all intentionally fake. What were they really for? I HAVE A GOOD IDEA!! —-> Don’t get one to find out!!!

I only occasionally make spelling errors, usually typos

Lately there have been loads of spelling errors on the site, that pop up after proof reading. After even several proof reads. Enough said.

Trucker vax mandate in Canada is back on.

Biden Admin tells companies to ignore the supreme court ruling on vax mandate.

UK covid passports to be scrapped

What do the 3 headlines above mean? It means the government is playing the role of an abuser. The next line will be UK covid passports WILL NOT be scrapped, OR a new outbreak has already been launched that will turn back the vax passport decision in Britain.

Let’s face it: When the Canadian government flip flops and in the early part of the day they say the truckers don’t have to be vaxxed, and in the evening say they do all over again, that’s an abusive tactic used to wear people down. They never intended to end the trucker vax mandate, their actions proved it.

And what about Biden? AFTER the supreme court ruled the vax mandate unconstitutional, Biden told everyone to have the vax mandate anyway. That’s also abusive, And the J corporations will follow Biden, not the supreme court. After all, they enforced the mandates before they were legitimized by the supreme court, so why not after the ruling against?

HERE IS WHAT PEOPLE SHOULD DO: The “dream teams” that are not vaxxed should talk openly, right in front of the management about organizing a subcontracting firm to do the same job they are doing wherever they are. Do all the organizing on company time. Right in front of the management. Then quit. THEY SHOULD NOT DO ANYTHING LEGALLY, AS IN SET UP A LEGIT LICENSED BUSINESS OR ANY WAY TO REPORT TAXES. All that takes time, they need to skip that. REASON: Because by the time the government does anything about it, the vaxtastrophe will be so well underway they won’t ever do anything about it. So why should the people who were driven out even bother with the system? The whole thing failed them. Should they pay taxes into that, and seek licensing from that? HELL NO.

The employees that leave over the mandate should then constantly send the companies they left offers to subcontract the jobs they once held, and at first they’ll be laughed at, until reality sets in. That will take about two weeks, at most a month. And then, under contract, they charge out the *SS for the exact same work. IF the companies survive losing their best workers they will certainly be desperate enough to pay damn near any price.

That was ALL I COULD THINK ABOUT when Biden told the J corporations to enforce the mandate anyway, if they do that after the supreme courtsaid it is not required, they need to be slammed into the gutter exactly like that.

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One Response to “It appears every victory gained yesterday has been diminished or reversed today – it’s a psychological game”

  1. Aldous says:

    The Rule of Law is well and truly on the Back Burner.
    Wasn’t there a case in UK recently where some BLM misfits tore a statue off its mounting and threw it in the river?
    I haven’t paid much attention to it – but wifey has – and says the miscreants pleaded guilty but it still went to trial for some strange reason instead of them just being sentenced. Why did it go to trial when they had pleaded guilty?
    They were found Not Guilty which is astonishing in itself – Marxist inversion of reality at work?
    Anyway, the UK’s CPS said they were going to appeal the verdict but the appeal wouldn’t alter the verdict! Go figure.
    Double Jeopardy was done away with in so-called UK Law as a result of the Saint Stephen Lawrence killing which was a Black-on-Black drug-related crime and nothing to do with the White guys who are rotting in a British prison hell-hole for a crime they didn’t commit. The guys is prison are no angels but they had sweet FA to do with the Lawrence killing – who was no angel either.
    It took THREE trials (from memory) before they got the perverse verdict the establishment wanted. Unbelievable and frightening.
    Rule of Law? Don’t make me laugh!