Hospitals as Jails and Death Traps

The oldest person I know of in my family was my paternal great grandmother Lucy Werne Ramey, who lived to be 101. She was a Christian Scientist and never went to the doctor or to a hospital. She outlived everyone and ended up in a nursing home at the end, so I don’t know what happened there. I assume she was a handful until the end. She had been a beauty when young and was still striking in her 80s, when I last saw her, with very long thick gray hair. The next oldest was my maternal grandmother, Mary Virginia Maloy Williams, who lived to 99. She wasn’t a Christian Scientist, but she also had little to do with doctors or hospitals. She didn’t drink or smoke and I can’t remember any stories about her going to the hospital for any reason. My paternal great-grandfather Russell Ramey also avoided doctors and lived to 92. My paternal grandmother Alice Ramey Mathis got hypnotized by the doctors in her 60s, becoming addicted to several drugs, including sleeping pills and anti-depressants. She died at 72. My uncle Russell Mathis also got addicted to pills, including tranquilizers. He died at 62. I got the message early on about the medical profession. And there were no doctors in our family to counter that message with propaganda from the AMA.

So I have been wary for decades, the news just accelerating my distrust of mainstream medicine year by year. Any residue of trust I ever had for doctors was of course obliterated in the past two years. I would guess that above 90% of doctors are in the direct pay of Big Pharma, and it may be a lot more than that. I am not a Christian Scientist, as my regular readers know. I think Mary Baker Eddy was clinically insane and a fraud on top of that. But as far as the general advice to avoid mainstream medicine, I can only agree. I treat myself with diet, exercise, and herbal supplements, avoiding everything else including Tylenol or Tums. I have never even tried any recreational drugs, including pot, and never will. Nor am I interested in sleeping pills or anti-depressants. For this reason, I have no interest in Ivermectin, though I might try it if I were on death’s doorstep. But since I can’t remember Ivermectin ever being indicated before 2020 for cold or flu, and since I am certain Covid is just a renamed cold, I doubt that question will ever come up.

I am a big supporter of vitamin C supplementation, though, year round. Not just to protect against colds, but for general gum health and other things. My gums look very much better than most people my age, and I believe it is due in part to vitamin C. But the reason I am here today is to talk about the strange laws we have in the country allowing hospitals to capture (kidnap) patients, refusing to release them. I avoid hospitals not just because I don’t trust their medical procedures, but also because I find the entire institution to be tyrannical. Doctors and hospitals—like schools and other institutions now—treat people as idiots with no autonomy or basic rights. Once in, you are basically a slave to their decisions, and you are expected to obey without question. I don’t like to be bullied by anyone, but especially not by someone like a nurse or doctor whom I am paying large amounts of money to take care of me. Logically, you would expect a patient to have absolute autonomy and freedom at all times: freedom to refuse treatment or to leave. And if you lost consciousness in a hospital, you would expect your family to have those rights you just lost. They should be able to pick you up and walk out at any time, without so much as filling out a form or an explanation.

You are paying for a service, and if you find that service is not being provided, you should have absolute power to end the contract on a moment’s notice, without explaining anything to a doctor, nurse, or least of all to the government. You belong to yourself or to your family, not to the hospital or to the government. Forcing someone to stay in a hospital and be treated as the doctors wish would be like forcing someone to stay in a Dunkin Donuts and eat all the donuts chosen for him by the cashier. Medical care should be a contract like any other, where neither party can be captured by force. It is a contract for hire, which includes the power to fire. But somehow, by law or custom, the medical contract has morphed into some strange slave relationship to the State or corporation, by which the institution can somehow nullify all basic rights of the individual. That is reason enough to boycott the medical contract and to refuse to be a part of it. If the hospitals want to act this way, then we should bankrupt them.

As you know, that is my answer to all the various institutions. It is a Thoreau answer: fine, I will do without it. If the hospitals require a slave contract, I will do without hospitals. If airlines will require slave contracts, I will do without airlines. If restaurants will require slave contracts, I will do without restaurants. And so on. Mankind did without all of those things until recently, with no ill effects, indeed was much better off without them. You will say you need your hospitals, because you need your drugs and treatments. No you don’t. You need your drugs and treatments like my addicted grandmother did: you need them to lead you to an early grave. What you need is to break those addictions right now. Your only hope is to get healthy again, and you won’t do it being led by the nose by Big Pharma. They want you dead and will soon succeed if you don’t wake up. We know that now thanks to the Covid fake. Some people in 2019 may have thought it was just a theory, but it has since been proven.

We now know that hospitals were/are being paid to diagnose people with Covid, paid to treat them with deadly remdesivir, paid to put them on deadly ventilators, and paid even more when they are dead. In essence, hospitals are being paid for dead bodies, which is indistinguishable in my eyes from pre-meditated murder for profit. And why would they do this? Two main reasons: 1) To sell vaccines, 2) to lower populations, especially among the elderly and those on Social Security. Also notice that last link confirms the ability of the hospital to kidnap you. Emergency powers passed during the fake pandemic have allowed broad waivers to already weak patient rights, expressly allowing hospitals to capture patients and hold them against their wills. I strongly recommend you read that page linked, since it may save your life or the life of a family member or friend. And notice what it says is the answer to the problem: early AT-HOME treatment of the flu or cold. That treatment includes things like vitamin C, NAC, zinc, and other normal minerals. And if you need some Ivermectin for your horse, you can get some without a prescription from your local feed store. It is not just me telling you to avoid hospitals at the cost of your life: it is top doctors at that link, including Peter McCullough of Baylor Medical Center, who has recently appeared before Congress. Robert Malone is saying the same thing, and he helped invent the mRNA vaccine. The ex-VP of Pfizer Mike Yeadon is saying the same thing.

As a tack-on, I will mention something I thought of last night, while staring at the ceiling in bed. I do that a lot. Although I think some culling of the herd is going on right now, I don’t think a large percentage of people are going to die from the vaccine, as those like Mike Adams are saying. Mike, like so many others including Alex Jones, is a pusher of fear porn. Yes, you should be very alarmed right now, but here is why I don’t think we are going to see a large drop in population in the US.

These two things don’t go together: 1) a large drop in population, 2) the big banks buying up rental homes.

Why? Because if there is a large drop in population, the demand for rental homes will of course go way down. There will be far more homes than people, guaranteeing the banks a huge loss. Therefore —although the banks buying up homes is otherwise bad news—it is good news in the sense it proves they are not planning to cut overall population in the US by a large amount. They aren’t even culling China significantly as a matter of overall population, since China is actually encouraging people to have MORE children right now, after a big drop in their birth rate over the past twenty years. Which is to say that even in places like China and India, the culling is very targeted, aimed at the old and other specific groups.

Here’s another thought: why do government entities keep suing each other over Covid? Most of the time it makes no sense. Here’s an example. The Missouri AG just sued 45 school districts over their mask mandates. Since he works for the Governor, why doesn’t he just overrule them? If they don’t obey, he can send in the National Guard. Or the school districts can possibly sue him for overreaching his Constitutional authority. But under no circumstances does he need to be suing lower entities in the hierarchy, indicating the whole thing is a sham to spin this thing out a few more months. I have seen hundreds of cases of that in the news over the past two years, as State and Federal bodies keep suing each other, with the findings going back and forth while nothing ever gets decided. Do you really think that is an accident?

It means to me that this is just theater and that none of these bodies has any real power, including the courts, the legislatures, and the executive branches. They all just keep ignoring one another’s findings and stalling. The only people making any rules are corporations like Pfizer, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and the banks. They are the ones setting the policies everyone is having to follow, while the government bodies flop around and pretend to do things while not doing anything. Another example was in the news today, where we were told that despite the New York Supreme Court ruling against the Governor’s mask mandate, the Governor’s office is now claiming that “a judge” has issued a stay on that ruling while they appeal. But wait, what judge has the authority to stay a ruling by a state Supreme Court? The answer? No judge has that authority. The only body that can overrule or stay the New York Supreme Court is the US Supreme Court, and they have not stayed that ruling.

So this must be more fake news, probably from the pen of Pfizer.

Basically it means Pfizer is above the Supreme Courts and can continue to do whatever it wants no matter what any of them rule. That is what we have seen. Who is going to stop them? Only the FBI or the military could stop them, and they know there is no chance of that. They own the White House and the Pentagon, so the courts are just noise to them.

by Miles Mathis First published January 25, 2022

As usual, this is just my opinion, protected as free speech by the Constitution First, a bit of family history.