3 Responses to “Fauci calls those who believe in natural immunity – ‘Flat Earthers’.”

  1. Mick says:

    All these criminals like Fauci who call us conspiracy theorists to try and discredit us must invent conspiracy theories of their own in order to do it. What is calling us flat-earthers if not a conspiracy theory of his own … albeit one he knows is just nonsense?

  2. Alan Vaughn says:

    Yes this one’s certainly done the rounds and looks like it’s going around again. Very old clip – saw it about six months to a year ago, so don’t get your hopes up.
    Besides, anyone who talks about the convid epidemic or ‘virus’ in the context that it’s a real disease, and that it can be treated or vaccinated against, is losing the battle from the very start.
    Same with this ongoing and very irritating saga about ‘gain of function’. It’s all meaningless, irrelevant BS, intended only to further confuse the already overly bamboozled public.

    It’s little wonder that many accuse Rand Paul of being a member of the so-called ‘controlled opposition’ team.
    Deluded, (or possibly manipulated) shills like him need to realize that this ‘deadly pandemic’ has not even been proved to exist! Therefore, they should be, or rather need to be demanding peer reviewed scientific evidence for it’s actual existence, before arguing any other aspect.
    I.e. demanding answers to pertinent and very significant questions, such as how and when it was first discovered, then isolated and identified, and, in whom? How was isolated and identified as being different from any other common, long established respiratory illnesses? Common, yet often fatal Illnesses that did NOT and still don’t require the global economy and our whole society to be destroyed to treat them?
    How does this alleged ‘deadly virus’ spread from an individual who has been ‘tested’ and declared Covid19 negative, i.e. uninfected, to another person, even to those who are ‘vaccinated’?

    That’s what I love about bloggers such as Jon Rappaport, always making that point and unforgivingly criticises the doctors, ‘scientists’ and political shills like Paul on their gleeful ignorance. Those fools or manipulated shills who still refuse to see (or that DO see), but refuse to mention, that particularly large elephant in the room.

  3. stevie k says:

    Good comment Alan, I agree totally.