Exorcism is a nuclear weapon against evil

People are dying in greater numbers, people of all ages, no longer just the aged. They are not dying from COVID, but from heart disease, stroke, and a whole range of causes. The vaccine is killing them not COVID. The virus is the vaccine.  The vaccine is the virus.

It’s the work of the Devil and his sold out trash legions like politicians of all hues, most doctors, billionaires and killers from all walks of life. God is ready to come and drive them all out, but first we must call on him to clear our realm of the demons who are besetting us.

It’s exorcism that’s required in the spiritual realm.

God’s place has been usurped. We must take it back by telling the demons to be gone – in God and Jesus’ name. Study the work of exorcists online and see how they do it. Then you do it. You can see the evil. Believe in the good. Act on that belief as many are already doing. https://youtu.be/5AvSlIEHiyw

Exorcism is not the only weapon we have.  It’s the last resort.  Likened to having the power of a nuclear weapon.  At root it is a prayer.

He claims it is a weapon possessed only the church.  That’s not true.  There are many practitioners who operate outside the church.

I find his description of what it’s like to have demonic infiltration corresponds exactly with our family’s experience.

The forces of evil are surging.  Here is a weapon to drive them back.

Chaplain Jessie Czebotar’s book describes her experiences dealing with demonically possessed people.  His Kingdom Comes.  The Battle.

Everyone needs to wise up on this subject urgently.

Her prayer at the end is worth hearing and joining.




4 Responses to “Exorcism is a nuclear weapon against evil”

  1. Gordon says:

    Hmmm, some good points given by the priest. Perhaps he should be doing his stuff in the middle of parliament.

  2. Tapestry says:

    He wouldn’t be speaking publicly now. This was a while ago before the door banged shut.

    • Gordon says:

      Yes I could well imagine given what’s going on in the Vatican, but it goes back to what I always say and that all religions offer some truth but all truth is not found in all religions which is why I don’t believe in religion yet nonetheless listen to what they have to say.

      • Tapestry says:

        Religions are there to control us in a herd, and to stop us talking to God. The true elements are watered down and corrupted. That said the bible is an important historical document giving evidence of the real story though it is messed around to hide the real significance, and it gives evidence of who was doing the messing and why. The Romans wanted to hide the true significance of Jesus, which they have successfully done for nearly two thousand years. Historian Ralph Ellis must get the most credit for exposing the main cons in the bible, but he stops short of looking directly at the spiritual significance of his discoveries. He is exposing the church corruption of history, but not the spiritual truths, which he calls fairy dust. Why doesn’t he research Nazarene beliefs and acknowledge that there is a spiritual dimension to life? I guess he’s under enough fire already for exposing church corruption of history to get involved in what Jesus and the gnostics knew. They knew how to talk to God, and not the Devil. We have to get that from other sources, not Ellis. How come all demons will go when they are exorcised in the name of Jesus? The world is being run by demons, who are brought here by Satanists using ritual. How can we drive them out again from our realm, except through exorcism type cleansing – which is at root a form of prayer – as the priest says. The best prayer creator for our current predicament is Pastor Jessie Czebotar. This is a war – and before it is a genocidal war of self-styled vaccinators targeting billions, it is war of words and understanding. This is where people need to focus the most.