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Everyone Working in Healthcare in the UK Must Read this

The evil UK Government (home for liars, cheats, frauds, fakers and party goers) is threatening to sack all health service employees who haven’t been jabbed.

I don’t think they will dare do this. If they do they will lose at least 10-15% of the NHS staff.

But if they do go ahead with this latest evil stupidity it will be the final bit of proof we need that the UK Government is determined to destroy what is left of the moribund and deadly National Health Service.

Anyone working in the UK health care sector who feels threatened by this absurd plan should immediately visit jobsnotjabs.uk – where Dr R. Zac Cox BDS and his team will provide help, with affordable legal support, to everyone likely to be impacted by the Government’s bullying and discrimination.

Just click on the following link! jobsnotjabs.uk

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